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I got a job!
I got a job!
Life is beautiful,
I got a job!

But seriously... I'm happy. I have a summer job that has the potential to become permanent when I graduate, and it's with an amazingly cool company, and the people rock, it's pretty much in my field, and they're paying me to be happy! Well, not exactly, but that's how it seems.

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Hmm... I'm considering joining the Army (Canadian Forces). This will be interesting. I've been quite motivated and getting a lot of things done for this. Who knows, I might actually get the job I'm applying for!

Anyway, I'm applying as an officer for the 3rd Regiment Field Engineering, based here in Montreal. It's actually the same regiment an ex-boss of mine (when I worked in the Chem lab) works at. Hoo boy, I'm not sure whether I'm crazy in a good way or bad way that I'm seriously doing this.

I mean, I used to ponder joining the Grenadier Guards and getting easy money, but they don't really do much... just stand around looking pretty in the bear-skin hats in all weather (which would be why they pay a pretty penny). So I've been considering an Engineering type position for a while... but do I really want to handle mine fields? I mean, what else will I do, go for Medic training? I've decided to go for the Engineering, and we'll see if I can pull all the material together for them in time.

Hmmm... After that Fish'n'Chips article, I feel a real need to write about poutine, Montreal's answer to the british "instant heart-attack". Well... another day.

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Browsing through the Guide's index, I noticed several posts on the topic of "zzzz" but none on "z", itself.

In the English language, z is the last letter of the alphabet. One can also determine which style of English the speaker has learned by how they pronounce this letter. U.S. Americans (and those who learned from them) pronounce this "zee". This pronunciation, besides sounding vulgar, rhymes with c, producing a potential conflict in understanding. Everyone else who speaks the English language pronounces this letter as "zed". Much better.

This biased journal entry was written by me while preparing to take my cat to the vet for her yearly check-up and shots.

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