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Hello, doggybacchus! You've been ACEd...

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Researcher 185550

Hi there, and welcome to h2g2!
I am Roadkill, and I'm an ACE smiley - biggrin (Assistant Community Editor). This means that I'm here to help. If there's something you're puzzled about smiley - erm, don't hesitate to ask me or one of my fellow ACEs.

H2G2 is full of musicians such as yourself! In fact, there is even a Musicians' Guild. Would you like me to find a link to that for you?

smiley - cheers Proper beer is also good, too.

And so we come to the links. These are to help you find your feet, and jump-start you into the community smiley - run.

The smileys: These are the cute little yellow things that are liberally dotted around the screen smiley - smiley. You can find an index of them at <./>Smiley</.> or by clicking on whichever smiley you want to learn how to do.

The H2G2 Post have made a nice little links page for those of us that don't carry them around in our heads smiley - doh. You can find it at A616718 .

For a longer welcome, go to the Welcome that the nice people (usually called the Italics, as their names appear in italics in the who's <./>online</.> menu) who keep the site running have written at <./>Welcome-Newcomers </.>
it's got a lot of the basic background and how-to’s that you will need - a good place to start

Then you can take the H2G2 Tour at A317459 to see how it all works.

If some of the H2G2 terms leave you a little confused, there is a great page about it at A632431.

Oh, and also: Don't Panic. If you do, then go to <./>DontPanic </.> for all your FAQ needs.

Hope to see you around, bye for now, and if you need anything, ask.
Roadkill smiley - ok.

Hello, doggybacchus! You've been ACEd...

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Thanks for the welcome. Scary to see how many people are online at one time! Finding my way around gradually and looking for somewhere to get into a good argument (sorry, discussion)

Hello, doggybacchus! You've been ACEd...

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Researcher 185550

smiley - laugh

One of the longest running ones is the God: Fact or Fiction one. Would you like a link?

Hello, doggybacchus! You've been ACEd...

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Go on then. Anything on people who complain about speed cameras (my own personal micturating bee in my bonnet)

Hello, doggybacchus! You've been ACEd...

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Researcher 185550

Okey dokey, God: Fact or Fiction is at F55607?thread=192835 . It is usually considered good etiquette to read the backlog of a thread before contributing but in this case, don't bother -- it's over a hundred pages of heavy philosophy, and by the time you'd finished reading the backlog it'd be twice as long! Just read the latest few pages to check the general mood of the thing smiley - ok.

F19585?thread=242934 is the Petty Hates thread -- register your very own little irritation there. I wouldn't worry much about the backlog for this one either, it's not such a serious thread.

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