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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Thank you for what you said in the PR thread.
It meant a great deal to mesmiley - smooch

I would appreciate it if you would glance at this (if you have time)
it seems to be languishing and I thought it was pretty useful for someone and Ensign Phil seems to like itsmiley - ok

I'd be grateful for any input you could offer, thanks in advance.smiley - hug

smiley - seniorsmiley - star


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Thank you for your kind comments about my Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Scan entrysmiley - smooch

I knew you were interested in psychiatry because I linked to your upcoming entry on Folie a deux in my Moors Murders entry currently in PR.smiley - bigeyes

However I didn't know you were training to be a psychiatristsmiley - wow

smiley - goodluckwith thatsmiley - ok

smiley - seniorsmiley - star

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