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Help please?

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Hi MaW One of the newer writers on GW has been having some problems copying and pasting some of the stuff on his PC. I am not clear exactly what his problems are, and am finding it a little tricky to give accurate guidance. I bethought me of you, and that you might be able to troubleshoot his problems a bit better than me. The conversation is here: and there are a couple of other convos on the subject attached to my Portfolio. Hope you can help more than I can. Thanks. Astrea.

Help please?

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Hi, there: My problem is that, although I like to write, I am not, unfortunately, a computer buff and tend to find myself sometimes bogged down dealing with the logistics of work presentation rather than the work itself.

I became a contributor a few days ago when, in my enthusiasm, I wrote a chapter from my book into the little white box and, because I was new and unsophisticated, did not go through the correct motions of presenting my work to an appropriate section of the Review Panel...

Later, I wrote something else and, because I had learned a little more by that time, successfully presented that particular work for review by the Life Writings section.

However, I was still groping about madly trying to get my first chapter transferred to Life Writings

I failed...

I then turned for help to Astrea, whose advice was concise and precise and subsequently absorbed quite efficiently. But when I followed her advice to the letter, nothing happened. My computer would not do as it was told, and I was unable to copy my second chapter onto "Notepad" for consequent pasting into the little white box on the "Get Writing" site, which, I understand, would transfer both chapters for review...

Time and time again I have tried, but each time - nothing...!

I suggested to Astrea the possibility of some kind of foul-up as a result of a computer crash some weeks ago, and a replacement of my valuable files from the floppy-disc back-up. Maybe (I'm guessing) that the computer detects some kind of difference between work straight onto a "Word" document, and work produced by way of transfer to a document via floppy disc - perhaps because of the write-protection facility...

Anyway, that's my present situation and, even if I manage the transfer, I still have to work out what is required of me regarding linking the two chapters.

I'm sorry about rambling on and on, but I know of no other, shorter way of acquainting you with my problem.

I am dying to get cracking on the presentation of my book for criticism by my peers, so any help you can offer an unsophisticate on the site would be gratefully accepted.

Incidentally, I notice that my "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste" logos on my Word documents are "greyed" over, as though they are not active. If this is the case, no wonder I can't get the computer to do the transfer...! So, how do I activate Cut, Copy and Paste...?

With regards,


Help please?

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Jim, I am not chasing you about the place, but I am curious about your problem.

You do know you need to use the [write] button to create a new work for each chapter? Every time you do this, you will create a new page with a new A-number at the end of the URL (internet address) for the page.

Having said that it sounds as if you do not have or have lost write-permissions on the Word document.

Have you virus-checked it? I don't know enough about viruses to be able to offer sensible advice. I am tempted to suggest you email it to me, to see whether there is something odd about the document itself.

Another thing to do might be to make a copy of the whole document from Windows Explorer without opening it, and see whether you can work in the copied document.

*still scratching my head*


Help please?

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Hi, Astrea: No, I didn't know that as soon as one indicates "Write" and starts adding work to the white box, that a number is automatically given to the work. So that's a little more to be added to my knowledge that will help get me off the "Unsophisticated" hook...!

Also, a few minutes ago I picked up a comment from you from elswhere, showing (amongst other things) the simplicity of just indicating *one* word of text in a document. Apparently, this would be enough to start a transfer. But I've lost your comment. I can't find it anywhere. I must find it before I follow your advice because I know there was other advice, too.

Kind Regards,


Help please?

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Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't respond straight away as I've been a little on the preoccupied side, and as the Advisers will have noticed I've just stepped down from my role in that respect. However, I'm still happy to help!

Jim, I have to confess to being a little bit confused about what's wrong - I understand that it doesn't work, but I don't understand why! Since not knowing why generally bugs me, I'll see about getting to the bottom of things. You mentioned a backup and restore done a while ago as a possible cause of problems - I assume the work in question was part of that?

If you make a new Word document and type something into that, can you copy and paste into Notepad from it?

Also, which version of Word are you using?

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