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Babylon 5, baby long gone...

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I understanding giving up on immense projects like Babylon 5. I loved it when the Shadow Wars kicked in and the double episode, where Babylon Four returned and the clever weaving in of time travel which made Dr Who seem 1>D. The Sinclair / Valen link was also clever and the final episode in that series, where the Shadows and the old ones moved into another dimension, which was very poignant.

Babylon 5, baby long gone...

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There were too many people who did not like the exit of Douglas and the entrance of the Beeb so they left. And that was the main reason that this project never went any further.

But feel free to participate! He said... smiley - winkeye

Babylon 5, baby long gone...

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I felt after the Shadow Wars that it had shot it's bolt and slipped back into mundaneness as it had started out in the pre-Bruce Boxlietner years.

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