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Echoes Of Yesterday

So far that's all I hear here.

Is there anybody Out There??? ?? ? ? ?

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Latest reply: Dec 21, 2011

Easy as pie

Well I'll be... It's easier than I imagined to learn the ropes again here. Always knew the userinterface was sloooooooooooow but beautiful. And where can one find Goo-blue like on h2g2?

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Latest reply: Apr 28, 2005

Ons retours toujours a son premier amour...

Damn, forgot my password. But the secret question works now smiley - smiley
Let's see how the rest lives nowadays.

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Latest reply: Apr 26, 2005

Back in the h2g2-life

Userid/password work again(thank you h2g2 Support!). Time is on my side for now, so I expect to be here much more often.

Just signed on for the first time in ages and checked the Who's Online Box. Whaddayaknow? This ol' fart was listed #3 by id-number. Is it really THAT long ago that this all started...? smiley - winkeye


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Babylon5 universityproject

Anyone who would like to help me finish the Babylon5 university-project is more than welcome. I simply don't have the time to finish it on my own, well at least not this year...

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Latest reply: Jun 25, 2003

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