Trying not to "BORE THE ARSE" off anybody.

While i've been asked to write a few lines here,i don't mind since it's
good practice for me to up my Typing speed.The thing i would like to know is [if anybody "EVER" gets around to reading this that is] what skills are Employers after to employ sombody to punch instructions into a Computer keypad all day.I have been doing a IT course for two years now.I have came on leaps and bounds since i bought my own PC.I would like to converse with a prospective future Employer to see their requirements as regards qualifications ETC.I would be prepared to sit any examination as i am very confident that i would work out whatever it was they required me to do.I since i was a kid always had the abillity to operate the latest tech stuff.From driving the latest machines or operating a twenty £million pounds Pasturiser unit,i have always been very good at sorting the problems on them out.I wouls love a job working with Compiuters or programing them to do whatever task is required of them.Please if ever a employer is reading this text get the e-mail and see what i'm doing i would like to give it a try.I am a Bricklayer by trade although my vertibrae are now cracked well two of them are,so building is just about out of the question.I have been studying IT for two years at Peterlee technichal college also i do Math and English and i've picked up my communication course which i last did in 1983 when i was serving my apprenticeship.I think it's beneficial to get as many qualifications as possible.Bricklaying was good to me i got to see the world Aus/Hong Kong/Singapore/Africa/Mid East/Europe.Only America north and south evaded me whilst working.The lifestyle though took it's toll in the end,and it wasn't healthy,also i lost two marriages through my constantly being away.Who said absense makes the heart grow stronger,it's nonsense as i can testify.I suppoes i am lucky
i might have been hurt and had to rely on one of them to help me in my illness.I would have realy been in the shit if it had come to that.Also please anybody reading this just drop me a line and i will respond,my tastes a many and very varied my main interests these days are Politics/
current affairs/computing i write for various web sites and i own moderate two of them'i love History ww2 and things like that i like to consider my self a well informed individual/Geography/Geogology/Palentology/Technology/Most though i love having a bloody good laugh.I love the Monty Python/Red Dwarf/Spitting Image etc,i like quizes and tests/motorcycles i have owned some of the best ones you can buy Kawa GPZ 900R/Honda CBR600/Yam fzr 750 and 1000/plus yam lc 350s and two 250s.I like cars although Land Rover are my favourite motor they are much too thirsty to drive today though,the last one i had was the 2300 four cylinder petrol and it couldn't pass a garage,it did save my life once though for if i hadn't been in a Land Rover i would have left the motor during a blizzard and i would surely have frozen to death,as it was i just kipped in the back and ran the engine every two hours to keep it warm as the drift was that deep.After a day and a half the Land Rover drvoe out !!!!! i couldn't believe it,i put it in low range and it just forced a way through i also pulled a few of the cars in front and behind out with it.Had i been in a car i would have got stuck and got out and walked before the storm was too bad,i would have lost my way and collapsed with hypothermia and died.As it turned out my fuel tank was nearly full and i had a spare five gallon gerrycan so i just stayed where i was ate chocolate kept the engine warm [very easy in a snow drift]put my heaters on and held the hand throttle one quarter open.The engine didn't overheat the rarely ever do the size of the rads on them.The blower reached easy right the way back and the battery get charged.All in all a very entertaining three days.I must go now as i have to go out,so theres your invite write if you feel like it,,chow see ya ron.Oh yeah my names *GED* if the e-mail isn't up there i will put it up my self.

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