Light Speed and beyond???

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This subject at the moment is far fetched.Imagine though if it were possible to reach our nearest Star Alpha Centuri [Where the Romulans live].The most important fact about light speed for me is,once you have seen it by the time you could react you have passed through it??.Also according to Einsteins theory of relativity,if you traveled away from Earth at the Speed of light for six months.That is three months out and three months back.The traveller would have aged six months,However the people on Earth would have aged Fifty Years.
How can this possibly be reconciled??.Could it be that the theory of relativity only applies on this Earth or other Planets or Satelites??.Although i find this most perplexing as most members of the scientific community see our future as space born.Indeed they claim we have no choice,as we exhaust this Planets bounty.Surely the
enviromental mess like global warming will force a scout around for another Solar System Planet to colonise.Perhaps the most dangerous element of high warp travel is the first fact i mentioned,after all if diversion from a crash in space is unavoidable how would a potential spacecraft deal with a rogue asteroid?? or a dead Planet shrouded in darkness.Well i hope to get a response so please do.As i am new to this web sites pages,i would like to know if this topic has been talked about already.

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