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The Misfit Newsletter

Post 61

Gw7en, Voice of Chaos (Classic)

Sorry I wasn't here earlier. The Church has kept me just soooo very busy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to clean chocolate out of your hair...

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 62


Yea, I would verily like to sign on to ye good olde newletter.

Sorry for the delay Frink - busy busy busy.

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 63

The Dancing Tree

Dancing Tree dances in, writes rapid jingle for newsletter: dah dah de doo doo dun dah daaaaaaaahh, and then dances off into the distance.

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 64

Ginger The Feisty

Hmmm! That jingle sounds suspiciously like the start of 'There must be an angel (playing with my heart)'!

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 65

John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

I thought it was the ice-cream man.smiley - sadface


The Misfit Newsletter

Post 66

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Please don't take this the wrong way, but allow me to quote from my earlier letter from the editor:

"Only the new subscribers (and myself, of course) should post here. This way you will know that something important (or at least mildly interesting) is going on when the forum shows up on your home page. But please feel free to chat away or advertise your own items in the topic drift forum or the clubhouse!"

Once you've posted here once (to "sign on"), please do not post here again. I've created the newsletter topic drift forum for everyone who wants to chat here - please use that forum instead. Thank you smiley - smiley

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 67

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Letter from the editor:

Tonight I'd like to focus some attention on a few of the overlooked rooms at Frink's Drinks. In the spirit of the front page, here are the 4 most neglected rooms:
The Strategy Site
The Kitchen
The Equipment Shack
The Produce Department
I'd also like to point out that the Karaoke Korner, which was previously only accessible through the sound room, is now accessible through the lobby as well. Come join the sing-along smiley - smiley

In other news, Cannon Fodder is looking for a nurse to help in the Medical Center. If you are interested, and especially if you don't have a secondary function with the team, you can apply here:

Finally, I've been toying with the idea of holding a virtual softball game - we've had a team for far too long without playing a game! I've got a few ideas bouncing around, but I'll post more details here as soon as I figure out what those details are. I expect it will be an intra-squad game between the left side of the roster and the right side. (Everyone sees two sides to the roster, right? If not, please let me know in another forum!)

Once again, allow me to remind everyone NOT to post to this forum unless you haven't done so previously. Thanks everyone!


The Misfit Newsletter

Post 68


I'm sorry it's been so long!

New job in local government (blech!) with v. limited time to sell virtual pies....

But hey! It's Friday afternoon, 4:15 and being local government, I'm the only one still here! Sign me up for the newsletter Frink, it sounds just dandy!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got about 3 weeks worth of abandoned forums to catch up on....

See ya,

Vladsmiley - smiley

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 69


Vote rigging? smiley - winkeye

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 70


Hey Frink - sorry for the delay but I want in! Sign me up for the newsletter NOW!!! Cheers. see you in the bar!

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 71


ok, so i might be the last member to sign up, but that doesnt make me any less important (does it?). if you want to reply for some sick reason, dont do it here in this forum. i think frink is about to have an aneurism if anyone besides someone signing up for the newsletter posts here again.
new tunes in the sound room coming shortly (like after i post this here). requests always welcomed.


The Misfit Newsletter

Post 72


Eh Oh! Still trying to think of a position. smiley - winkeye

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 73

Sandwich Maker

Sorry it took me so long to say that I want very much to be a part of the newsletter, desperately actually.....and now that my life is slowing down again I will be a better member of the team I promise. So please drop by my page and say hi so I know I am still welcome here...... smiley - smiley

--Your Bar Wench

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 74

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Letter From the Editor:

Lots to talk about, so let's get to it. The big news this week is the major overhaul I'm planning for Frink's Drinks. Thanks to some great advice from The Wisest Fool, I'm changing the format at the clubhouse. I had planned to make a room for each member, but I wasn't able to keep up. So now I'd like to offer everyone the opportunity to make their own room at Frink's Drinks. Just create a user page and I'll link to it from the lobby. Please head to the building department for details:

Since we all love spam, I thought I'd give the team a forum dedicated to spam. Please feel free to advertise in the new Misfit Newsletter Classified Section:

I've been thinking we should all get together for a virtual softball game, but I can't figure out how to do it. Oh, I'd also like a volunteer to run the game if anyone is interested. Let me know here:

From the Human Resources Department:
If you're having a little trouble with your love life, you now have someone to turn to. Ex-Office Game Coordinator Jonny is now our official romance advisor. But beware - he can get kind of cynical....

Finally, go give a big "hi" to the newest Misfit:
Munchkin (our new barfly and pub quiz organizer)

As always, thanks to everyone for reading (and not posting here smiley - smiley)
-TV's Frink

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 75


Just signing up. -B-

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 76

Irving Washington - Gone Writing

smiley - smiley

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 77

Dandelion Pegleen

Thanks for notifying me 2 weeks ago, TVF - I've been absent from h2g2 and it's nice to feel wanted - please sign me up!

Love, DP smiley - smiley

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 78


*Peregrin pops in, signs his name on the mailing list, looks about suspiciously, and jumps out the window*

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 79

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Letter from the Editor:

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce the newest misfits:
Irving Washington

I hate to do this to Lance Boyles, but he and I have just started a brief discussion on the future of the Misfits. Topics: the difficulty in finding your way around the hugeness that is Frink's Drinks, the virtual softball game (which Lance has generously offered to run), and if Frink should stop signing up new members. I must admit we haven't got very far into the discussion, so everyone's opinion is valued:

The Dancing Tree, Looneytunes, Danielt, and Irving Washington have all posted adverts in the new classified section. Perhaps it's worth a look......

Finally, four building permits have been handed out for Frink's Drinks so far. Many thanks to John-the-gardener, Danielt, Irving Washington, and kats-eyes smiley - smiley

Have a great weekend!

The Misfit Newsletter

Post 80

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Letter from the Editor:

Still interested in playing the virtual softball game? Lance Boyles, myself, and a few others have been hashing together some ideas on how we can do it. If you would like to comment on the ideas thrown out so far, we would love to hear from you here:

Here are the recent additions to the misfits, please make them welcome smiley - smiley
Researcher 99314 (not real name)

If you've been to my home page recently, you may have noticed a slight change to the roster. The first 60 Misfits have been named "the starting lineup." Everyone past that point will be "the reserves" and will be listed in a pulldown menu instead of the standard four column roster format. This is only to save space on my page - it isn't meant to be a slight against new misfits!

New rooms have been added to Frink's Drinks, courtesy of Peregrin and Bluebottle. A special thanks to Peregrin, who posted a picture of a Rambling Misfit sofball hat. Come check it out! Also come sing a tune at the karaoke korner if you haven't yet - it just made Peta's Picks smiley - smiley

Finally, just for clarification - I won't be deleting any of the original rooms at the clubhouse, even if you want to make your own room that duplicates one of the originals. So don't worry, the bar will be open long after I'm gone.......

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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