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I've made a name change to reflect the limited amount of time I spend on h2g2 these days. But it doesn't mean I'm gone for good, I still check in once or twice every few weeks. So if for some reason you find yourself on my page again, do drop me a line, and I'll be sure to say hi.

Oh, and note to The Towers: Please don't delete my page, I still visit from time to time, honest!


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The End?

Look, I've been avoiding the obvious for months now - I really don't enjoy h2g2 anymore. I don't know why, but I just can't generate any enthusiasm for h2g2. Other than reading articles and maybe writing one ever so often, I don't see myself keeping a very high profile here. Thanks to everyone who made my time here enjoyable while it lasted, and a special thanks to the true Misfits - you know who you are.

TV's Frink

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Apple Pie

Olympic baseball was started in 1992, and in both that year and in '96, the U.S. failed to win the gold. Hard to believe, considering that we Americans consider baseball to be *our* sport, just like apple pie is *our* pie.

Professional athletes have been participating in the Olympics for some time now. Most of the athletes are the best available in their countries. But the U.S. baseball team was made up of minor leaguers and major league cast-offs. Only die-hard fans could name even a single member of the team (not counting the annoyingly optimistic manager, Tommy Lasorda).

Which makes it all the more impressive that the US finally beat Cuba to take the gold medal. Cuba won the gold medal in '92 and '96, and spanked the Americans in the preliminary round. But the US finally won the big game. Congrats to the entire team!

Congrats also to the U.S. women's softball team, which had to come from behind time after time to win the gold....and congrats to Australia, which has produced a very fine medal count as the host country.

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Hello Nasty

It's been a long time since I put on a 5-disc Beastie Boys shuffle and spent a large chunk of my night on h2g2. Time for Super Disco Breakin!

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The Best Month Of The Year

It's March. And hooray, March Madness is here again! If you are interested in a little contest I'm running, please visit this page for the 1st Annual h2g2 March Madness Tournament Challenge:

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