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Hey sweetie

I have been working on things in my h2g2 journal, mainly fretting about how to contribute work to the site, when my levels feel so limited, and I am prone to stage fright, page fright, and hyper poetic delight. heheh.

Anyway, point is, I finally broke through to a couple of my type Guide Entries. I am trying to mix text with photos.

They are both still work in progress, although the text is as complete as it will ever be, just working on arty photos. heheh.

I have also decided to be naively honest about all this, and to come out and say that I really want to share them with my friends, and with others too, provided they understand my limited levels.

I feel too out of my depth in the AWW these days, so keeping things low lying in my journal right now. Hope to work towards contribution.

Here's the two numbers. You don't have to read them of course. Its the process of crossing that threshold, against the odds, again ... that's good for me. smiley - rofl.

And its so great that you share your writing process, like in your journal, getting me involved with your characters. heheh.

Both these entries are as true as my heartbeat. smiley - love

A87732057 was written as it unfolded.

And I think that A87722986 sounds a bit like a primary one school project, but its my life so hey .... smiley - rofl.....

cc smiley - choc

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Hi helen cactuscafe.

I'm delighted you felt you could trust me with your pieces before sending them out into the world. smiley - hug

I've put some comments on each of them, just to confuse you.

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Hmm, not sure about putting them out into the world... right now. Except I just did. Here. hmm. You are my world! smiley - roflsmiley - rofl.... hmm

Yes, you did confuse me. I love it! Good for my development! smiley - rofl. I went to my Personal Space conversation listings, and saw Glass Illuminations there and I was, like what?? My listings are winking back at me.

smiley - run

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