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Tea and Cake

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Kat - From H2G2

Hullo I'm Kat and I'm just here to welcome you. If your ACE hasn't been along yet then I'm sure one will in a minute. These are your "official" welcomers. I'm your unofficial one. Any questions, even if they sound stupid, ask me.

Don't panic first of all. We are all very friendly here. If you find someone not being friendly then tell me and I'll go and have a quiet word with them in a corner.

There's lots of things you can do on H2G2. Hopefully you've already had a quick snoop around but here are a few of my favourite links:

Ask The H2G2 community will answer any burning questions about life,
the universe and everything.

If you need to know how to do anything then go here: A242470 .
Many wonderful people and myself will try to help you sort out your How do I...? problem

If you need help because you're new however, you could go to our newbie page:
I'm New-What Do I Do Now? A868098

The Post : A660377smiley - thepost
is the place where everything new is put down. There's articles, reviews and many other things that everyone has contributed.

If you're under 18 then you might like to join The Young Researcher's Club: A983171

Hopefully you know about smilies from other websites but we have very personal ones which you can find here A155909, or if you're using Brunel skin (go to preferences on the left hand menu over there <--- ) then when you hit reply to a post it shows you a list.

Once you get the hang why not try making your space more personal with GuideML A690518. My space is a quite basic example of this guideML.

Also, can't resist a shameless plug of my most recent contribution. Come have a look and see if you want to join. A1145477

Of course it's not all about contributing! You could just happily bumble around and talk to people. I'm here if you fancy a chat or have any questions. Come share some smiley - cake and smiley - oj with me soon. Hit reply.

Katsmiley - cat

Tea and Cake

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A very LARGE Induhvidual

smiley - biggrin

Thanks for the warm welcome. I believe we may have chatted briefly last year when I first registered on BBCi's H2G2 site, under the moniker of Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (B4, for short). The very LARGE Induhvidual you see here is another pigment of my imagination that was spawned from "The Mother of All Gooses" Holiday Pantomime, hosted at Lil's Atelier. He's a particularly good fellow, though a bit stuffy at times when he's on duty. His whole story isn't yet written and I have to work on some alternate reality stuff for him in the Ffordeian Rift that Hypatia is overseeing in the Atelier's Library.

All-in-all, a fun time with a fun fellow, once you get to know him.
Again, "Thank You" for the welcome to the site.
B4 (standing in for someone with fingers too big to use a keyboard)
Public Relations Agent for All Over-Sized Characters on the Guide
smiley - cool

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