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Poetry No 3


You are my sunshine, you are also my rain,
You are my everything, so dont give me no pain.

You mean the world to me, in everything that you do,
I know that you love me, and i love you too.

I know that i'm happy, and i know your happy too,
So go on and say it, that you love me oh so true.

If this means happiness, i dont want to be sad,
The pair of us are happy, and the pair of us are glad.

So you are my sunshine, when the sky has gone black,
I know that you love me, and i love you back.

Stuey my hun, this one is espcially for you, cos i love you so very much.

.........PEBBLED HEART...........

I have a heart shaped pebble, more prcious than a stone,
You do not sparkle like a gem, but you're one i'm glad to own.

What stories you could tell me, if only you could speak,
What raging tempests made you so, so smooth and yet so sleek.

So rare a thing of beauty, i held you in my hand,
Wiped a tear from my eye, and dusted off the sand.

I put you in my pocket, and brought you home with me,
Now you have a place, right here instead of the sea.

I have a heart shaped pebble, so come and take a peek,
You can share the beauty with me, and you can also seek.

To find your own shaped pebble, what stories you can tell.
To all the people, that you know very well.

I have a heart shaped pebble, more precious than a stone,
You seem to sparkle just for me, and i'm going to take you home.

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Poetry No 2


Where did they go, the happy times, the raptures carefree years of youth,
When life was joyous happy, blessed endless days of light and truth.

Why did they leave on silent feet, stealing away before i knew.?,
Leaving memories lingering, e'er i could know that they would do.

Where did they come from, days i know filled with lonliness, since you went away?,
Tears, regrets and more lonliness, and now i live from day to day.

I live now until the end of time, until the creator takes you away.?,
So there they went and came back again, and they'll come with me, with my dying day.


smiley - smiley It's Magic smiley - smiley

A sort of quick pick-me-up, safe for one and all,
You dont pour it in a cup, and it costs nothing at all.

Maybe you've guessed the name of it, or will in a little while,
For we all know it's benefit...The Magic of a Smile.


All Year Round

January is the first month of the coming year,

February is the second month, and easter is getting near.

March is the third month, lets all give a shout,

April is the fourth month, easter time is out.

May is the fifth month, easters been and gone,

June is the sixth month, lets carry on.

July is the seventh month, America's graduation day,

August is the eighth month, Summer is out Hip Hip Hurray.

September is the ninth month, Christmas time is near,

October is the tenth month, everybody cheer.

November is the eleventh month, children singing a christmas rhyme,

December is the twelth month, and now its christmas time.

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The sky was dark and gloomy-when the rain drited by,
Then suddenly like magic- a vision filled the sky.

An arc of seven colours-all blending clear and true,
To form a perfect rainbow-in that sky of light blue.

The red and bright orange-of the sun at close of day,
The yellow of a gloden crop-of summer ripened hay.

The green of fertile pastures - 'neath the blue of summer skies,
The indigo of night time-in the hour before sunrise.

And last of all the violet- a colour rich and sweet,
All forms this lovely rainbow - with it's crescent clear and neat.

These seven brilliant colours which-compose a rainbow arc,
Are signs of future promise-when the world is dull and dark.

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Who Me? Oh! My Names Linda.

Girls who are seen on TV,
Meant to look like you or me.
Stupid or bright, fat or slender,
Why did they call me Linda.

smiley - smiley

Sexy ladys behind the bar,
Whos lovely figure will stretch far.
Are never Jane, Janette or Brenda,
"Give us a pint please - our Linda.

smiley - smiley

In gloomy flats across the field,
Who is always there first to shield.
Lose her anger and surrender,
You bet your life, its me - Linda.

smiley - smiley

Pity the dear poor Linda,
Theres no one here to defend her.
Wont someone come and rescue me,
That has always been my plea.

smiley - smiley

No doubt by another name,
Just like the weather, id be the same.
By nature pure and chilly or tender,
Why did they have to call me Linda.

smiley - smiley

I could have been Lucy, Tania or

But they did call me Linda.
I am also pure, tender and slender,
Who me? Oh! I'm just Linda

smiley - biggrin

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Poetry No 2

Im my dream i won the lottery,
millions of pounds the whole jackpottery.
Once my stomach had come unknottery,
And my 2 sisters no longer spottery.
I thought of all the friends that i just gottery,
Some i already knew and some unnottery.
Before i set off for somwhere nice and hottery,
I will have plastic surgery to my bottery,
With every day lifes problems being so easily forgottery.
I stopped myself talking posh and snottery,
And to make my stand and mark that i will be forgottery.
I will help the old age in their cottery,
My dream became to my cemetary plottery.
With my head stone set in a nice little spottery,
Which read "Thank Goodness She Had Won The Lottery".

Chuckle smiley - laugh chuckle

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