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----------MY THIMBLE-------------

I have a golden thimble that ive had for many years,
Its been a little treasure through laughter and many tears.
Bride and bridesmaid dresses were the order for the big day,
Made of silk - lace and ribbons what a wonderful display.

-------SUNRISE ON THE LOCH-------

A distant boat is firmly anchored on the waves that saunter by,
Rocking softly on the surface refecting light fro, sunlit sky.

Silver glitters on the water sunrise sheens the surface pale,
Birds fly low to search for food - leaves a white and foamy trail.

On the shoreline houses linger little castles mortal parts,
Distant mountains grey and greyer haunt the Loch like after thoughts.

Rainful weebs upon the ripples yet still the sun rise shines in power,
Dawn light claims the scene for ever - warms the passing shower.

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---------- A HOME ------------

I try to make my home a place thats lovely for everyone to see,
To fill each room with flowers and ornaments that belong to me.
I try to make my home thats lived in with silver and brass,
To polish the copper, zinc and stone even my crystal glass.
To see such lovely things thats beautiful for everyone to see,
A little glass bird that has spread it's wings to flee.
To dust the cobwebs from corners and picture frames,
On the wall are my cherubs and angels who want to join in the games.
The centre of all our lives our oyster shell-or home,
We have now settled here and no more shall we roam.

-------Months Of The Year--------

January, starts the year when days are dark and cold,
February, one ventures out if your feeling bold.
March, brings winds spring is on the way,
As for April, it starts with all food day.
Now we come to May, when flowes are all in bloom,
When we feel we must spring clean the house every room.
June, brings out the longest day and sunshine warm and bright,
July, follows with pretty butterflies in flight.
The children all love August, when there's no school,
Holidays and playtime are the general rule.
September, gives us autumn when leaves are changing hue,
October, brings us mists and meadows wet with dew.
November, starts the bonfires - and fireworks light up the sky,
Such fun with hot potatos and burning of the guy.
December, brings the shortest day as well as the christmas fun,
To round the year off nicely - another year has gone.

-----------THE TREE-------------

It sits in the middle of the garden so noble it stands tall,
It has also had picnics he is loved by us all.
It sits right in the middle - its given a sheltered retreat,
Always in the summer days its shielded us from the heat.
For you see its not just shelter its meant for you and me,
It sits right in the garden for its our one and only tree.

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******A PROMISE TO MY MUM*******

A promise made is a promise kept under the dying sun,
And i wil think of you each day till the promise i made is done.

I promised to always love you from the day that i was born,
We've bonded through some hard times but the promise has never gone.

My promise to you of love from my birth from me will never be torn,
And i will always love you from night time through til dawn.

A promise made is a promise kept til the end of my time,
For you are my love itself my precious mum of mine.



Mothers have ears that listen, arms that always hold,
Love that's never ending - and a heart that's made of gold.

Thats why i love you Mother and you will always love me too
Thanks Mum.

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Chipped Tooth

Does anybody want it?
Be free to come and get it, but you have to give me one of yours lol smiley - biggrin

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More Poems


I think each tear a mourner sheds - is gently stored away,
In crystals flasks by angeld hand - and kept until the day.

When dear ones meet on that shore - and shimmering rainbow hued,
They form a necklace to delight, a sign of love renewed.

Scrabble is a nasty word,
one i wish i'd never heard.
A game that makes me mad,
saying words i know that are bad.
A word gameit's suppose to be, words are meant for you and me.
So down i sat and played with glee,
until he wiped the floor with me.
Whilst Alan sat there, laughing and smirking,
My angry cells were over working.
And so to even the score,
I tipped the whole lot on the floor.
And shouted *SCRABBLE*
----------The Day I Had----------
I heard a song - i had a dream,
By a cottage and a little stream.

I had a dream - i felt the rain,
I also heard it on my window pane.

I smelt the breath of forests pine,
The scent of health - yours and mine.

I saw a rook - not a care in the world,
A lovely chirrup - i have ever heard.

I looked out of my window - and i am glad,
For this is the day - that i have had.
Keep in sight the star ahead,
the one you wish to know,
Shining over you while your alive,
and watch our love grow.

You've always wanted to be a film star,
to see what it's all about,
But the star you know is in your dreams,
so go ahead and shout. (STAR)
-----------Dirty Dishes----------
Thank god for dirty dishes,
they have a tale to tell,
We will never ever go hungry,
they show we are eating well.

So even when the sinks plied high,
please dont make a fuss,
For this stack of eveidence,
That the creator is truly good to us.

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