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05/05/2004 - Mystery person 132:
How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;
----- (non music related.)

05/05/2004 - Mystery person 131:
In this life you're on your own. And if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy - punch a higher floor!
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 130:
There are probably funny lexicographers, but you wouldn't know it by reading a dictionary.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 129 a) and b):
a) Existentialists: ...Imagine having them round for dinner: Sartre smoking incessantly; Camus regaling all with his tales of goalkeeping for Algeria which, lets be fair would make anyone want to contemplate suicide; Heidegger wouldn't let anyone eat anything without discussing its 'isness' and whether it was 'in-the-world' or not; and Nietzsche, well, I can see it now- Soren Kierkegaard is saying grace, but with a pained expression, Freddy, incensed, throws himself across the table screaming, "haven't you heard, God is DEAD! We murdered him!" It would be a mess.

b) It would be very messy, especially if sausages were being served. Nietzsche seemed obsessed by them, writing lengthy letters to his mother and sister about the appalling quality of sausages in Turin. Only an ubersausage would have satisfied him it seems.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 128:
If your god tells you to kill people I'd say it was a strange creator that sets itself against it self.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 127:
...as Einstein says, to resolve a problem we must change our perspective and look at it from a different level. Would you treat your fellow man as they do? They teach us valuable lessons, we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.
...The conflict in the world is reflective of the inner conflict within the country it is happening, the culture and the individual.
...Your anger with others may stem from your frustration at others ignorance, you have been given the gift of insight, don't let anger cloud your lens. You may want to use the gift to help people.
...I didnt mention religion at all. Faith and religion are two different words.
...Look at all the great civil rights speakers and activists-King, Gandhi etc. they all spoke of humanities greatness, they shone a light on the gift of choice.
You do not have to be a victim for the mob, you can move subtly, you can change. The most powerful tool a human possesses is the ability to adapt and change.
...Have faith in humans, people will appreciate you if you can see through them and the goodness that lies within. Not everyone is 100% evil.
...from birth human beings grow, we learn to walk and don't give up, we learn to speak, we learn everyday - before you go to sleep tonight think about your day and what has happened. Richard Bach once wrote "the worst thing that could happen is nothing".
...You may hate a part of yourself cos its to uncomfortable to come to terms with the fact that the injustices in the world are part of your existence. You are a part of the theatre that is unfolding in front of you. Accept it and then it does not become uncomfortable. Your hatred is a resistance of the truth that you have the same qualities as Bush et al.
Non-resistance of the qualties is acccepting that these characteristics are a part of you just like myself and any other person. There is a Hitler in all of us, that is how we are able to understand.
...you cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate in yourself. Regarding the assume thingy*, it stems from my views on lateral thinking. We try to pigeonhole everything, as Edward De Bono says. Try using water logic, everything flows into something else.
----- (these coincide with some of the concepts from matthew 7 and the 2nd commendment. * When we assume we make an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME". non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 126:
"Warning - This album may contain guitar playing that will offend crap guitarists - Seek parental advice"
..."Warning - This album contains references to every Beatles song ever written. Those of a 'Beatley' disposition should seek advice from Mojo magazine first"
..."This man contains views of a offensive nature. Contact your MP or seek parental approval before contact"
Bloody parents. It's always someone else's fault isn't it?

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 125:
Love covers a multitude of sins. So if there be rebuking, let us first examine ourselves... and then procede in a spirit of love and mildness, and genuine concern.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 124:
...we so often self-censor or are censored by the equivalent of PCness or other and thus debates can never be held in the open with all the facts present because someone will get upset not because of what is actually meant or even said but of what they hear.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 123 a) and b):
a) Growing intolerant to those who are intolerant of others is still intolerance... I've reached a point now where rather than trying to explain myself I'd rather just smile. I know no better than the next person, and all I have is an opinion.

b) Freethinking without love isn't free, it's cheap.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 122:
When 'dark and brooding hip-hop from Birmingham' becomes the music of choice for the masses we'll be off onto some kind of new thing attempting to be pioneers of a new musical movement that's basically only variations a bloody theme anyway! It'll be 'sweet and sultry flip-hop from Hartlepool' or something.

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 121:
Nothing that's evolved in any species can be wrong or detrimental, neither can it be 'good' or 'right', it just is.
...if someone sits further towards the 'gay' end and lives in a sexually open society, sure they'll be more inclined to investigate the feelings than if they lived in a repressed society. However, this does not mean sexuality is purely a social construct.
...its been suggested that I might 'waver' in the future, which I find amusing, patronising and arrogant in equal measures . It reminds me of religious people who think everyone is waiting to find god.
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 120 a) and b):
a) This isn't about the people's reaction, this is rather about criticizing the gov. - something the American media have been so reticent to do in recent times that it's questionable whether or not they actually are of any use.

b) I'm not sure which is more concerning, that in this instance the american media is pandering to the government to this degree (fear for any objective journalism) OR the possibility that the government might notice/care/act on such minor criticism on such a 'minor' issue (relative to say foreign policy).
OR ...
has the government 'bought' some of the media with this act* ...? - if so, then fair enough, a deal is a deal after all ;-)
----- (*U.S. 1996 Telecommunications Act. non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 119:
RSI is costing british industry 2 million a year in lost man hours and 1 million in medical fees.
Men we need your help, whilst a tired wrist may hurt, penis elbow can kill.
Wise up - don't be wanker
----- (non music related.)

23/04/2004 - Mystery person 118:
Chopsticks are a mystery to me. Like the great man says, when I'm out digging the garden I don't use a couple of pool cues. ...My point is this; I'm useless with chopsticks.
----- (non music related.)

15/04/2004 - Mystery person 117 a) and b):
a) I wondered who'd made proposition 13 stick to proposition 9 in my Proclus. Disrespectful to say the least, even for Charles Bukkake.

b) Brings a whole new slant to "where there are numbers there is beauty".
----- (non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 116:
I was especially moved that the only time He simply becomes her son again is in death when he is taken from the cross and she claps him in her arms and she is able to comfort him. Ironically the film works best as a human story, about man’s inhumanity to himself and the cost.
----- (non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 115:
Post-modernist society is very sceptical. Why are we so sceptical? When we know the lowest thing we're capable of, and how easy it would be to stoop so low, we fear that ability in other people. When we know how easily we can deceive, we fear the prospect of being deceived.
----- (non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 114:
A lot of the reasons why some people are able to connect with certain films originate from their own experiences. ...I don't know if I would have had such an emotional connection with Spotless Mind had I watched this movie a few years ago. Maybe those who don't like this movie simply don't care for maze cinema, Jim Carrey... have never suffered from heartache... It's not just a matter of intelligence or appreciation of visual imagery...it's a matter of allowing your heart to understand the film as well.
----- (non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 113:
Of course, it is melodrama. That is not a value judgment, just a matter of fact. It operates as melodrama, and as such, shows no restraint in the rendering of character motivation or action. That is not to say the film is without subtlety. ... This film is a melodrama about people taking - and taking back - what they believe to be theirs. And not just in a simple way - culturally, personally, existentially. It's about liberating your sense of self, to be really pretentious about it.

Uma's performace holds together the two sides of her character brilliantly - it's an interesting point that her grief is, from time to time, subsumed by a blood lust. If you look, you can see it happen. The grief and confusion, hatred and need for revenge does take over again, and it's about all that she is playing at times. Sometimes she is falling apart, but she has hate or pain in her playing - alone, and that's no accident either.
----- (glad that someone else think so too, i thought i had looked too much into it. non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 112 a) and b):
a) Humming is good. It's also the best end line of any debate. Ambiguous, ambivalent, tuneful. Hum hum hum.
b) That depends if you are any good at humming. Ho hum
----- (non music related.)

12/04/2004 - Mystery person 111:
It may be more concerned with humanity than divinity, but that's fine with me.
----- (non music related.)

28/03/2004 - Mystery person 110 a), b) and c):
a) These are intellgent people, they can see a good point even if it is not expressed well - they can also see an eloquantly expressed yet poor point.

b) ...there is no way of knowing who is going to use a site such as this. Firstly this means we should always bear that fact in mind when talking to others and not be too hasty in our response to them. Secondly it means that we cannot try to solve everyone's problems.

c) ...go get some help from people who will help you make better relationships with other humans, help you understand how your comments affect them...
----- (non music related.)

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 109 a) and b):
a) ...his inter-song patter was tragic: "We've, like, gotta stop all this war s**t man. Like, both Bush and Saddam Hussein." ... Incisive political analysis. Devastating logic. ... Mind you, he did tell us that playing at the Brixton Academy was "the pinnacle, man" and that he loves us. Man. So at least I went away feeling valued.

b) ...sounds like it was a profound experience for you in the audience - like when boy george hit upon the idea that, and get this, "war is stupid, and people are stupid" ...give me enigmatic musical political non-activism any day rather than platitudes.

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 108 a) and b):
a) Congrats on becoming a dad and:
A) a cash machine
B) a taxi sevice
Just thought I'd warn you because apparently thats all I ever want my dad for.... can't see it myself. Now where is he? I need £50 before he drives me into town to get me some new trainers.....

b) Don't worry about the sleepless nights and constent stress, it's only going to last the rest of your life.
----- (non music related.)

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 107:
A fertilizer bomb that kills hundreds in Oklahoma. Fuel-laden civil jets that kill 4000 in New York. A sanctions policy that kills one and a half million in Iraq. A trade policy that immiserates continents. You can make a bomb out of anything. The ones on paper hurt the most.
----- (on wto et al. non music related.)

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 106:
...even Mozart will be listened to for the last time one day. There is no such thing as a lasting perfection. ...You ...will never permanently change anything. This also means that you cannot leave a legacy.

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 105:
Imagine you are given the remote control to a TV and asked to find the best program on. There are some people who ...couldn't get to a certain channel if their life depended on it. There are those who would survey the channel listings, make some judgments and home in on the best program...

And there are those who just can't stop playing with the buttons. They understand that finding a channel requires control. What they don't understand is that it requires self control. They press button after button - controlling the TV more, as it were, than anybody else, carrying out a great deal of acts of control.

But not those that get the job done.
----- (non music related.)

25/03/2004 - Mystery person 104:
Oh, and to add some variation to the thread, I shall from now on be requesting an apology in rhyming couplets.

There is no evidence to see
Yet still we lack apology.
----- (non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 103:
If you find value in this - then the value is infinite. If you do not find value in this - oh well then just forget about it.
----- (non music related.)
[thanks to jimjensen]

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 102:
its all to do with ascending to superman level and i don't mean just donning the tights and wearing your Y's outside your trousers!
----- (rofl! non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 101:
I'm of the opinion that post-holiday illness is a instinctive biological reaction caused by the brain's subconscious desire to extend your time off work.
----- (non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 100:
I then found that Pram were actually playing in the other room, Doh! (This gig reviewing lark is harder than it looks.) When I rule this country, every band will be forced by law to have their name on the bass drum. Or at least say who they are...

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 99:
i'm more a pictures man than a words one but some notable exceptions would be "doily" and "lozenge" where the words exceed the image.
----- (non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 98:
My sister was scared of the idea of infinity... (and I of course liked talking about the universe).
----- (non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 97:
For the government it must be a fine line between keeping the number of alchoholics down, whilst making a tidy sum from selling booze to suppliment the coffers. After all, if they raise taxes and we are all more aware of not binge drinking - how would we drown our sorrows when the council tax goes up!
----- (non music related.)

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 96:
After the Beatles we expect bands to have earned their stripes playing clubs and pubs, we expect them to have written their own material and chosen their own style. The Beatles changed everything and in so doing made it OK for people to see pop music as more than just something for teenagers.
It seems like a British thing to do to undervalue things that we should be justly proud of. The Beatles are too big and too popular. Far from it being cool to like them it is in fact cool to dismiss them.
Music is too often just a badge people wear to show their affiliation to a certain clique. The clique needs to be small enough so as not to appear too much like a herd of sheep, but big enough not to feel like a group of out of step odd balls.

It’s all an attempt to like something and avoid being laughed at for liking it. If too many people like something then too many other people have also heard it. This means that if someone doesn’t like it they cannot like it with a certain amount of authority. You might just end up looking silly. This leads us to the early demo tapes syndrome.

The early demo tapes syndrome states that something was better before it got an audience. So if you like REM you predate your interest in them to Green and not Out of Time. The point when a band is said to have sold out is always the point at which they become well known. It’s at this point when you can’t hide. If someone tells you your once favourite band are crap then they are now doing so having heard the music. But it’s OK because the early demo tapes were much better. No one's heard them.
[thanks to eab]

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 95:
How come no one has mentioned Suede as being better than Muse? They have sex appeal, wit, good guitars and nice haircuts, whereas Muse have a big nosed gonk with bad fashion sense. And Brett's way ... hang on hang on, what AM I talking about? They're both a pile of mouldering monkey juice...

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 94:
There's an interesting theoretical point to be made about people's reactions to films and that is that the audience's perception is as much a part of the film as the actual celluloid object. e.g. When Citizen Kane came out it was hailed as a work of genius till about 1948/49. Then till about 1956 it was regarded as a rather showy piece with very little substance. After that when RKO went bust they sold their film catalogue to the TV stations and thus Citizen Kane was seen by a whole new generation of people who thought it was amazing again.

My point is this. The actual film Citizen Kane was exactly the same (obviously) but people's reaction to it changed. Thus the same film can be great or crappy depending on when you look at it. The audience is part of the text of the film. It is us who make the film great or rotten by our reactions to it.
----- (non music related.)
[thanks to Andrew]

19/03/2004 - Mystery person 93:
But what will that prove? The interesting thing about the current postings is the diversity of people's tastes. Several individual Top 10s will always be more interesting than a homogenous generic Top 10 derived from averages. Vive la differance! Long live the individual! (in the The Collective - no, the irony is not lost on me!)
----- (in respond to "maybe I should tot these up and make a Collective top 10 films?" non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 92:
woman to fat beer-belly, "am i fat?", feels guilty for eating that galaxy.
man says, "pass us another beer and a pack of crisps".
woman replies, "you shouldn't snack so much sweetheart".
man thinks, "i'm going grey", says, "must colour hair. it's a mess", thinks, "at least i've got hair..."
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 91:
Hype can ruin a film. There is a fine line between getting enough attention to make a film popular and then getting too much attention that it will help break a film.
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 90:
All true happiness comes from within. If your happiness depends on how someone treats you, then your happiness lies in them... and you will often be unhappy. True inner happiness is like a muscle. Needs exercising to be strong. When your neighbour annoys you... Thank him!! He is giving you the opportunity to grow stronger. Practicing compassion for him will do the trick.
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 89:
Oh I like that; just above this box it says "Don't include anything you don't want others to read". I have to wonder who that warning is for? What did they think would happen? Maybe I'd think that this box is some form of confessional, where I'd put down all the details of an affair I was having, or my secret obsession with sheep and marigold gloves...
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 88:
I look around with a vacant smile on my face, which says "Oh bugger, my bladder is about to explode in a yellow urinenova, and my right to be a Bright is being shockedly discussed by a metal tube full of budding Sicilian Madonnas."
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 87:
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 86:
I may be poor and have no job but that aint't going to stop me getting overpriced box sets of weak parts of film trilogies! ...the film is still a mess but now it's a really excellent mess.
----- (non music related.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 85:
The internet, the entire world at your mousetips what better escapism is that than this?

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 84:
It was a wonderful concert, Christina sounded so perfect. Her voice was so strong and powerful, and she sang with such emotion and feeling. She looked so beautiful and so tiny too. Her long dark hair looked gorgeous, and her many different costumes all looked amazing.

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 83:
if the genre hasn't got 'post-' in front of it then i don't want to know! I am of course joking, it can also have alt- or avant-.
my $smiffstar;
my $genre = $argv[1];
if ($genre =~ m/post-|alt-|avant-/){
$smiffstar = "I like $genre\n";
$smiffstar = "I'm an arrogant t**t and am far too cool to like
print $smiffstar;

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 82:
Hope is.... not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 81 a) - q):
a) Age : fully developed
b) Location : Far away from home
c) Occupation : Freelance loafer and occassional doodler
Why? :
d) Because I like to hang stuff on my fridge.
e) i need real money for my hello kitty, blythe, ai ai chan, precious moments, gadgets, other toys, movies, etc etc etc...
f) Music : Anything with a banjo in it. Or an accordian. Or both.
g) Game : It's got to be Monopoly but I hate losing!
h) Art : Should be separated from the artist
i) Design : Can't..compute...need...to...lie...down
j) Weather : Super bright day
k) Season : 4 seasons pizza
l) Joke : Duck walks into a bar and asks, "have you got any peanuts?". Barman says, "this's the 5th time you've asked today. Ask again and I nail your damned beak to the bar". Duck leaves. Duck returns and says, "got any nails?". Bemused, the barman answers, "no". Duck says, "you got any peanuts?".
m) Best thing ever: my cat Cider - he still loves me when I look like shit.
Anything else... :
n) At certain times of the month, some types of cheese have no regard for others.
o) for free? no way
p) you can never over do it at a bbq
q) not right now
----- (rofl! all different people. non music related, except the music bit.)

30/11/2003 - Mystery person 80:
If they don’t cry because they’ve lost me, they’ll be crying because the music’s so beautiful.

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 79:
earlier this year i decided to stop painting to please other people and paint for myself. these new paintings are a personal experiment into colour, composition of simple shapes and the fluid and translucent qualities of coloured inks. i have tried to find balance and harmony in my compositions while aiming for freshness and vibrancy.
----- (non music related.)

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 78:
You could have a set of religious Top Trumps, with scores for things like 'Benevolence', 'Miracle Power', etc. Jesus would be the Top Trump, with people like John the Baptist close behind. Then you'd have a lower tier with Mother Theresa, etc. I don't know whether you'd have to release separate sets for other religions. It might be better to have them all together, so you could win the Vishnu card with your Buddah, but then lose it to Abraham. Awesome.
----- (non music related.)

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 77:
...I hate that you have to play a score in exactly the written way. There’s a purist aesthetic there that’s almost fascistic. There is no suggestion that the composer might have got it wrong – whatever is printed on the score is the gospel truth. With classical music, there’s a sense that if you play a wrong note you’ve done something very bad. With electronica it’s the exact opposite. I see both sides as fatally flawed.

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 76:
...a sweaty little venue. I miss the low ceilings, the stage that's barely above heel level, the way bands manage to fit all that gear onto such a postage-stamp dais. ...I want to stay in these environs forever. ...Like a trickle in the creek, before the rains keep falling, rain keeps falling, down down down. But when the levee breaks, when those four sticks crack, Kid Koala brings it on home.

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 75:
If life is a journey, we spend too much time looking for the maps that tell us where to go. A quicker alternative to this is to annoy someone else until they tell you where to go.
----- (non music related.)

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 74:
They were so good I’m not sure I want to listen to their album in case it taints my image of the evening, but I will because they were so good.

21/11/2003 - Mystery person 73:
Crowds always have a different character don't they, depending on time, place, type of music... here more than for a very long while, I felt like I'd wandered into something tribal. This is a quite different planet, the one of organic music which has little to do with the media's version of the music industry.

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 72:
You shall not covet. I think this one is about duvets and sharing.
----- (non music related.)

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 71:
To clarify the chef thing, it's not Jamie alone that has a power over me, it's his tongue - so big for so small a mouth. To clarify butter, melt it, then get rid of the white residue. You can then fry things in it at high temperature to stop it from burning.
----- (mmmm... we also noticed that the tongueout smiley looks suspicious like jamie. non music related.)

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 70:
My point of view about that* and the World Music was that it doesn't matter if the music was changed to fit a market because it meant that a new audience is being gathered anyway and you're introducing a beginner to something new. That it was OK for someone to pick up a CD of Ladysmith Black Mambaso which has been released to coincide with some baked beans commercials and football tournement becuase there is the slightest chance they might go and seek out other African sounds. And even if they don't, from a business point of view it's feeding the record companies so that they can support the less accessable stuff.
----- (* bonus for the genre of music of 'that'.)

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 69 a), b), and c):
a) ...if they decided to sell their music to McDonalds, Nike, Nestle and yes, even Sony for advertising and/or promotion of their music I wouldn't even bat an eyelid. I just don't care, so long as their music still comes from them and they don't have someone telling them how to make their music according to trend. ...All I'm saying is that some of us like music because it appeals to us, and not because we're trying to make a statement about who we are.

b) Apparantly we should all be lonely old cynics listening to music that was made in a garage by a group of not-for-profit artists who have no formal music training. That why we can claim some imaginary moral high-ground of "pure musical experiance".

c) I think it *is* dismissive to believe that there are types of music that don't require any interest whatsoever simply because of the process in which it is made. it has the same intellectual rigour as saying as so many have pointed out, that dance music is bullsh*t because it doesn't have any real instruments, that hip hop with samples from 80s tracks are invalid because of they are not wholly 'original', or (and someone has actually suggested this to me, I am not simply being the dark one's biznatch) that radiohead are inconsequential because they came after pink floyd. ...fun is fun is fun is fun! your endorphins only care about receptor types.
----- (in honour of "Oi! Get Yer Filthy Hands Off My Sense Of Humour!" thread)

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 68:
Two myths about classical music: firstly, pieces are handed down and played as the composer intended. Secondly, that classical is is the source of popular music. ...many of the great classical composers ...were noted improvisers and would rarely have played the same piece twice in exactly the same way. They would not have treated their scores as 'sacred' rather as a useful starting point and possibly a source of revenue and distribution of their music as appropriate to the technology of the day. ...the teleological fallacy that classical music is the root of all popular music is offensively eurocentric and above all else demonstrably wrong. A better case for the origin of all western pop music could be made for Yoruba drumming but that would also miss the point.
----- (in honour of "classical music" thread)

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 67:
the definition you're looking for is ne plus ul+tra. put that in your tea-pot and drink it!

13/11/2003 - Mystery person 66:
three books to rule them alllll. i like the idea of that! mwahhaaahhaaa...
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 65:
When I see pictures of my family holidays from when I was a kid now, I am not interested in the way my mum beautifully framed scenary, I just want to see the haircuts and the clothes.
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 64:
...a room full of the finest killers ever assembled all ritually dispatched with ruthless efficiency, body parts strewn across the floor. the same sense of a crowd laid to waste pervades...

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 63:
Buy your white stripes albums now – but remember to tell people you liked them before Elephant otherwise you weren't in at the start and that's just not cool.

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 62:
What a relief. I was afraid for a minute it was that imbecile Beethoven. ...Beethoven is positively indecent, the way he tells about himself. He doesn't spare us either the pain in his heart or in his stomach. I have often wished I could say to him: 'What's it to me if you are deaf?' It's better for a musician to be deaf, anyway. It's a help, like any obstacle. Degas painted his best things when his sight was failing. Mozart had a far harder time than Beethoven, yet he was modest enough to hide his troubles. He tries to amuse me or to move me with notes which he feels are impersonal. And he is able to tell me much more about himself than Beethoven with his noisy sobbing. I want to put my arm round Mozart and try to console him. After a few minutes of his music I feel that he is my best friend, and our conversation becomes intimate.
----- (you p**t! choose genius or nutcase? "imbecile" "indecent" passionate improvised romantic deranged nutcase every single time! who needs "impersonal" "modest" chaste prudent formulaic oh-so-friendly music? this is the worst quote i have ever come acrossed. just p**s right out of my sight! you lukewarm oh-so-decent meek cow! [trivia: 15 adjectives in total :-P ])

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 61:
I listen to a lot of very dodgy music, mostly made by people in long cloaks and wizard hats, I like films with no real plot, and I buy books that make me look intelligent.

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 60:
Peace; a state of mind
War's a contradiction
Let's all meditate

War's a state of mind
Peace a contradiction
Who wants a fight then?

Here's a broken man
Staring into his pint glass
Like it solves problems

Roads like cholestrol
People I don't want to see
I hate the mornings
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 59:
14 people phoned in sick yesterday. Unless workers are indulging in private orgies, thats an awful lot of sickness spitting it's phlegmy breath around an office. ...No ones ill. They're just sick of this place.
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 58:
Often their avant is guarded...

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 57:
A dislocated, weary observer, looking on cold, silent screams that come to nought. ... Is that pain really caught in the painting, or am I projecting on to it? ... Are those emaciated figures screaming for release from the Concentration Camp? ... or am I unloading a need for escape into the wan palette in the frame as the murky, blurred bodies stretch their arms, enfolding the air?
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 56:
He especially likes slow films by dead Russians.
----- (non music related.)

30/10/2003 - Mystery person 55:
My Doggies Went Nuts When They Heard This CD! ...If you love cats, or if you hate them, I'd say you'll LOVE this CD! ... Meow!!

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 54 a), b), c), d) and e):
a) Regarding 'alternative'. Well, I think most people who reckon they're being 'alternative' are being anything but. ... And people who complain about 'manufactured' music. Well, all music is 'manufactured' or contrived in some form or another, otherwise it wouldn't be here.

b) Being alternative means complete f**k all. ... Some people think I'm ok, some think I'm an idiot.

c) I think anyone who doesn't like tea is morally inferior to me, in fact, I know it to be so!

d) Some people exchange in wink-wink, nudge-nudge, hows-yer-father, carry-on type banter. Some people exchange in 'intellectual' (ugh), cultural, social debate type banter. Perhaps the innuendo lot judge success within the group by who can make the most outrageous sexual pun. Perhaps the debate lot judge it on who can be the most alternative. The innuendo lot probably think the debate lot adopt the moral highground. The debate lot probably think the innuendo lot are childish and superficial. Within the innuendo lot, theres probably those who consider the more outrageous puns a bit OTT and self gratifying. Within the debate lot theres probably those who consider the really left wing opinions a bit OTT and self gratifying. However one chooses to interact with ones peers, its just banter. Lets not get all precious about it.

e) I interpret "there is an alternative" simply as meaning that, whatever you're into, there is an alternative.
----- (in honour of "a matter of interest i feel..." thread)

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 53:
It believes that laziness is an essential component of a happy life, ...it aims to help readers in their fight for their right to be lazy.
----- (non music related)

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 52:
Now I should stress that I am not very nice to my car - I have washed it once in the last two years, if it makes bad noises - I turn the music up.

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 51:
How can TWO people nominate 'She don't use jelly'??? There is a difference between genius and shite. That, my friends, is genius.

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 50:
I'm the bomb. The only thing I enjoy more than finding things is 'acquiring' things.
----- (non music related)

18/10/2003 - Mystery person 49:
i judge if i really like something by my desire to listen to it. i think there's a big difference between being able to appreciate something and really liking something.

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 48:
...the night zipping by in the dark as you gaze alternately at sleeping towns and Narcissus ghost, crooning from the only singer who can transform a pre-dirty weekend Friday into a transcendent shimmer...

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 47:
I can't remember much from here, other than staying there until the most beautiful sunrise in the world, and raving goodbye to the summer in perfect glastonbury style.

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 46:
...it's not one that you would put on when your friends come back after the pub for a smoke ...not one that you have the energy to listen through more than once a year... But when you need the medication, you know where it is.

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 45:
None of them received a heroes welcome, none of them... Eight to ten years after coming home almost eight hundred thousand men are still fighting the Vietnam war.
[thanks to brew]

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 44:
A lot of people wish it was more about art and stuff like that, but you know, art is a subjective thing, and money is not. Money has the same value to you as it does to me, and art doesn't.
---- (in honour of "flaming lips syndrome" thread )

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 43 a), b) and c):
a) I know the queen works hard, but wouldn't her and her brood be better placed setting a good example by voluntary working in a nhs hospital? god save the queen! imagine the delighted look of poorly pensioners.
b) The World Loves The Queen! [the monarch]
c) ...especially Seven Seas Of Rye
----- (in honour of "I LOVE THE MONARCH" thread)

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 42:
meat is murder
----- (meeet ees murda! [in pirate voice] in honour of "are animals superior to humans?" thread )
[thanks to brew]

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 41:
One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces, indeed.
----- (why wait?? cut away.)

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 40:
...facinating study of industrial revolution, many mancunian workers suffered long hours, low pay, poor housing. i doubt they would have had much time to contemplate "the great questions" - they hadn't any void to fill. An ironic observation.
----- (indeed. non music related)

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 39:
I wish I could laugh, but that joke isn't funny anymore, it's too close to home, and it's too near the bone.
[thanks to brew]

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 38 a) and b):
a)...and what a friend they [usa] are ...the majority porportion is spent on the military, ...only 3 percent of the world aid is allocated for the reconstruction...
b)...there is no money for the reconstruction, period.
----- (non music related)

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 37:
...they cannot think, they're uncontrollable trouble makers, they're moved by propaganda, they killed and act normal and celebrated with the bodies next to them...
----- (not exact quote, non music related)

02/10/2003 - Mystery person 36:
Who gives a f**k about integrity? I want my artists to stay in business and continue to compose great music for me to listen to.... As for the Bill Hicks stuff. The man smoked fags. So what? Didn't affect you did it? He was a great entertainer and would probably love the fact he pis*ed you off.

24/09/2003 - Mystery person 35:
One good thing 'bout music... when it hits, you feel no pain.
----- (not sure about that, it might unveil all the pains. hey, but i'm not arguing with this guy, he's a god.)

24/09/2003 - Mystery person 34:
title: [insert cult quote here]
intro: [insert list and namecheck for added kudos]
----- (:-D concise instructions on decorating your personal space at the collective. other "alternative" titles: me, Me, ME, me me me me me, who am i, no subject, [your user nickname], or about [your user nickname]. sadly, this sees the extinction of dinasours.)

24/09/2003 - Mystery person 33:
Never mind the song, anyone who can shake their bottom in such an alarming fashion deserves everything they get.
----- (bonus for guessing the name of the bottom's owner. hint: she's hot.)

24/09/2003 - Mystery person 32:
...I like listening to pretentious music and studying Zen. That is all.
----- (a mountain of sarcasm in one sentence, that is all ;-))

18/09/2003 - Mystery person 31:
...if there is one thing i've learned about superficial rock, it's way cooler to be a complete asshole than to be in the kings of leon puss-bang ultimate supreme.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... if i could ever be bitter with an excellent rockish band, it would be these wangs of sac-on.
----- (it's safe to say that he wants the band vaporised.)

18/09/2003 - Mystery person 30 a) and b):
a) life is so boring / it's really got me snoring / i'm wearing out the flooring in a cheap hotel / i never have to work and i might be sinning / but i never have to listen to the rings of the school bells
b) we're too young to fall asleep / too cynical to speak / we are losing it can't you tell?
----- (catabolic_kid said, "Think they pretty much describe my life." hope that feeling would pass..)
[thanks to catabolic_kid]

18/09/2003 - Mystery person 29:
imsogreen, ive sent tons of "music related crap", you dont comment?...perhaps cos they are crap. i glanced at the cynic site... think all cynics have retired . we all need a break.
----- (:-D this refers to lyrics "where do you go to my lovely when your alone in your bed?.. rock-a-bye sweet baby james. its only in dreams, so, cheer up sleepy jean.")
[thanks to brew]

11/09/2003 - Mystery person 28:
...as for the shades of grey, what i like grey is a friendly, comforting colour. ...everything looked delightfully grey and muted, grey faces smiled at me through the traffic fumes. i wouldn't swop this paradise for the bahamas on a balmy day...
----- (whadafawk??! :-D)

11/09/2003 - Mystery person 27:
They are on top of? ...the Sun [newspaper], calling the what?? ...great rock revolution ...or Grr!! for short.
----- (grrrrrr)

08/09/2003 - Mystery person 26:
.rentrap koob rehto eht lla rof dna ,uoy rof... ,egassem drawkacb edulcni ot dediced evah eW .sdnim ruo degnahc ev'ew... ,seussi tnecer eht fo thgil eht ni...

08/09/2003 - Mystery person 25:
I don't think good reviews need extensive knowledge of the background and time signatures of the music - I'm personally more interested in whether something moves someone, and if so, why?

08/09/2003 - Mystery person 24:
Sure, I could list all the music and films and books I like, but the internet can sometimes come across as a big credibility contest. Having said that, my favourite CDs are by Linkin Park, Insane Clown Posse and Limp Bizkit. Having sullied my internet reputation - I'd like to add that my favourite film is 'Under Siege' and I don't read books, because I could be watching television instead.
----- (this guy has clarity and to the point. :-D)

01/09/2003 - Mystery person 23:
Magazines always want to photograph us in front of a geyser. But its a cliché to us: like photographing an english band in front of tower bridge.

01/09/2003 - Mystery person 22:
Talking quickly/ Breaking baubles/ Throwing garbage/ Drinking soda/ Looking happy/ Taking pictures/ So completely stupid/ Just go away ...And do not leave a trace

16.08.2003 - Mystery person 21:
We are serious about what we do. We just don't take it seriously.
[thanks to kendoman]

15.08.2003 - Mystery person 20:
I can start a new trend on electronic music this afternoon. I'll hang some saucepans from my washing line, place my microphones outside (in order to caputure 'ambience') and strike each saucepan at random with a peice of rubber tubing (about 5mm in diameter) whilst whistling 'The Bridge on the River Kwai' in an off-key. I'll then cut all the tape up, re-cut it and play it backwards through the mixing board whilst adding some random percussion overdubs and selective oscillations. I shall then fart into jamjar and record the sound. I shall sample it and play it back at half speed. In order for the track to sell I shall remix with a groovy 4/4 disco beat and deliver it to a 'hip' indie record label and hey presto!! I'm a genius!! Molecular music dosen't get any better than that as I left the recording process open to chance didn't I? It might rain y'see! Hurray!
----- (bonus if you can guess what conversation this is from, blimey, this is a big hint!)

14.08.2003 - Mystery person 19:
...They put these guys on the tv and do this and do that, and sell lots of CDs, cos' people buy into it. They sell a lot in the first year, and the second year. If they don't do that well in the third year, it doesn't matter, cos' the kids are onto something else. So that's what the whole problem is, that's what i have a problem with, that they're taking out the whole development of music.
----- (not an exact quote)

07.08.2003 - Mystery person 18:
The pleasure we gain from music comes from counting, but counting unconsciously. Music is nothing but unconscious arithmetic.
[thanks to Harry Chinaski]

29.07.2003 - Mystery person 17:
They caress each other via the piano. Music restricts but allows for connections that are almost inexplicable.

27.07.2003 - Mystery person 16:
...It's not magic - it's a mysterious human thing that we all know is there although we can't ever speak of it in words. You have to go round it and hint at it and then people sort of know what you're talking about. It's like when you look at the sky - it seems brighter in your peripheral vision than if you look at it directly.

24.07.2003 - Mystery person 15:
...I think that if I were working in another artform, if I were a film maker or a novelist, it'll be assummed that ... my subject matter would come from a contemporary life. Maybe it is more a comment on classical music, that people somehow feel that classical music really ought to be about ah events that have nothing to do with our contemporary experience.

Mystery person 14:
I can't get used to that one I must say, ... I'm singing the saddest thing there is possible to sing in the world, and they finish everyone goes yeeeaah. [crowd: yeeeaah] I guess that's alright.

Mystery person 13:
If it has more than three chords, it's jazz.

Mystery person 12:
That m**********r was a m**********r!
----- (It's to the point!)
[thanks to Astrotomato]

Mystery person 11:
...There's some metaphysical comfort where it allows you to be isolated and alone while telling you that you are not alone... truly, the only cure for sadness is to share it with someone else.
----- (bonus if you can guess what is 'it'.)

Mystery person 10:
...in 20 years' time, the only thing that's going to be left is our records and photos.

Mystery person 9:
...He fills his head with culture/ He gives himself an ulser...
----- (bonus if you can guess which song it's from, gosh, this is a big hint!)
[thanks to smiffstar]

Mystery person 8:
...they pass over most of the great stuff from that era anyway and are for tourists who want to reminisce about some mythic golden age of their lost youth...
----- (bonus if you can guess the genre of music that person was talking about.)

Mystery person 7:
...I'm not so much interested in anything in particular, that's why I'm singing about nothing.

Mystery person 6:
...Our first job is to make this world a lot of fun to visit. It is a high-energy, racous musical romp. It's a lot of silliness. It's wonderful.
...However, the second thing that we're doing with this show is saying something. The show has a direction and a point of view. This will be beneath the surface, and if anybody becomes aware of it, we will have missed.
...What the show is really about is people getting along with other people, and understanding the delicate balance of the natural world. These are topics that can be dealt with in a symbolic way, which is what puppets basically do all the time.
...The world of the Woozle will have its own natural balances, although these will be rather insane. But still we will make the point that everything affects everything else, and that there is a beauty and harmony of life to be appreciated.

Mystery person 5:
...Everybody doesn't have the same culture to draw from, but everybody's got soul.

Mystery person 4:
...It looks like it was evolved more for studio 54 than the African plain. They're probably the animal least likely to look out of place at a rock show.
----- (bonus if you can guess the kind of animal that person was talking about.)

Mystery person 3:
...No, I simply cannot listen to all music produced on this planet. I'd love to have time for that but it just cannot be...

Mystery person 2:
...the weird thing about song writing I think, it's a bit like video tape, ...and it records a certain moment, and if you don't sort it out there and then, and get that coherence down on tape, you may lose the opportunity to do it for a long time, because that particular moment may not make any sense to you again, for a long time...

Mystery person 1:
...People have enough to think about right now. I'm just trying to free their minds and have a little fun with it. I know you got your own problems; I got my own problems. Let's think of something else for a change.

Optical Illusions

29.07.2003 - moving circles (heavy graphic)

Oh So Acoustic

05.05.2004 - bjork - so broken (live acoustic ver)
28.03.2004 - arthur hamilton - cry me a river (billie holiday ver)
12.09.2003 - psapp - infra red
12.09.2003 - beck - side of the road

So What Is It?

It seems that Xavier has abandoned the question on the personal page, (which happens very often, people sign up, then disappear from the face of the collective without causing a single dent), so out of my own curiosity, I'll ask it here:

"What's the one great moment that sticks out in your mind, when thinking about... say... Films/Music/Friends/Television/Walking down the street/Going out with friends ETC.

"Man... I don't know it's a fairly innocuous question on the face of it, but I suppose it's the same with most questions, they are as innocuous as the answer one gives."

I am pondering why you would answer this question:
- you're a bit bored at the time
- you actually has a specific unforgettable moment to tell
- you're trying to be friendly
- you'd like to explain how dumb this question is
- you're under influenced
- scientifically unexplanable
(in any case, do let me know your story.)

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