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Rudest Elf

A1092494 Official UnderGuide Miners Home Page - UG

Intro 3rd line: [volunteer-run]

Mining Isn’t Just For Dwarves 1st line: [pickaxe]

Canaries Gave Up Their Cuttlefish To Give You The Vote! 6th line:
Now that depends on how you pronounce UG: pronounced "You Jee", it should be 'when a UG Editor'; pronounced "UGH!", 'an UG Editor' is me.

The Mining Code of Conduct end 1st para: [mineshafts]

2nd para 2nd sentence: Two 'especially's - may I apply for a synonym?

2nd para 5th line: [heavy-handed]

3rd para 4th line: (but keep in mind that the UG Editors have to be decisive and that their decisions are final.)?

End 3rd para: [as that’s like flogging a dead horse, isn’t it?]

4th para 1st line: (communicate with each other)?

4th para 2nd line: Are 'whilst's welcome here?

Non-Disclosure 5th line: [last]

2nd para 4th line: [pickaxe]

2nd para last sentence: [It’s really just manners, isn’t it?]

Sign Me Up! 1st sentence: [The above is really only a brief description]

Sign Me Up! 2nd line: Seems a bit awkward & stuffy for the UnderGuide...

Sign Me Up! last sentence: (sensible advice)?

3rd para 1st line: [pickaxe]

3rd para 2nd line: (leave a message below, quoting your Name,)?

Footnote 4: (there will be no "three strikes and you’re out".)?

By the way, there's no need to be overly concerned about *my* feelings. If you reject these suggestions, though my bottom lip might tremble and my stomach gnaw I shall shed no tears

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Rudest Elf

smiley - ermsmiley - sorry Pressed the wrong button - must be time for lunch.

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Rudest Elf

Let's pretend nothing happened...

A1092395 The Official UnderGuidelines - UG

Intro 2nd line: [first-person]

Intro penultimate para: [No one]

The Basics 1.: (and / so that entries that do not follow)?

The Judgement Calls 2nd line: [checklists]

Entries should be readable 1st dot 2nd line: [rewrite]

3rd dot 1st line: [overlong]

3rd dot 1st line: [syllable]

smiley - reindeer

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Trin Tragula

Wow! Thanks for all those RE smiley - ok

It's like a one-man editorial purgative smiley - bigeyes

And will shame me into getting these and other pages sorted out toot sweet smiley - run

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Rudest Elf

My pleasure, Trin. It really puts the shine on my day if I can make someone feel ashamed, or, even better, guilty. smiley - winkeye

Seriously, though, I have a small number of queries on the Gem Polishers Survival Guide (which I'll post later), and nothing else. If you give me the 'A' numbers of any other info pages you'd like me to be rude about, I'd be only too happy to oblige.

A1092548 Official UnderGuide Gem Polishers HomePage - UG

Intro 2nd line: [volunteer-run]

Intro last sentence: (Gem Polishers are equivalent to the Edited Guide Sub-editors,)?

Oh! It Sparkles Like Gold! 2nd para 5th line: [As with any editing, the Polisher]

2nd para penultimate line: [Sub-editors]

Final para 1st sentence:

Apart from the [Sub-editor], I think the first two lines need rephrasing - even something like this would be a bit clearer: 'There is a distinct difference in editorial approach between UnderGuide entries and Edited Guide entries. The Edited Guide Sub-editor has a relatively freer hand to create the Edited Guide entry from the material provided by the author and Peer Review.'?

The Gem Polishing Code of Conduct 1st para 8th line: Odd that 'whilst' is considered "antiquated" by the Edited Guiders, yet it's made comfy here - more power to you, I say!

2nd para 3rd line: (to function better)?

Non-Disclosure 2nd & 3rd sentences: <Polishers get to see which entries are going onto the h2g2 Front Page and when, which entries are being picked before anyone else, and access to the 'Pig & Slag' mailing list. And are not discouraged from contributing to and joining in all UnderGuide discussion.>

Might read better like this:
'Polishers get to see which entries are going onto the h2g2 Front Page and when; which entries are being picked before anyone else; they have access to the 'Pig & Slag' mailing list, and are not discouraged from contributing to and joining in all UnderGuide discussion.'?

5th line: <(and sometimes a bit wiffy, you try sitting> [(and sometimes a bit wiffy - you try sitting]?

7th line: (and influence in the decision-making processes)?

smiley - reindeer

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Rudest Elf

A1092575 Official UnderGuide Gem Polishers Survival Guide - UG

Hovering over the '1' reveals "Attributed to", whilst the footnote says 'Attributed to Terran (the slightly but not quite)' ?

Polishing Things Off 3rd para 5th line: Just a 'whilst'.

7th para 1st line: ['Elvised']

7th para 2nd sentence: May I suggest a slight rephrasing: 'Try to find out by posting to their Personal Space - they may be present under a different user name.'?

8th para 1st line: [go-ahead]

8th para 3rd line: [author's]

Last para: Comma missing after 'results'.

Top Ten Tips 9. 4th line: (but only with the author's go-ahead.)?

Technical Bits: I know nothing of GuideML, so I can't comment on the examples given.

Technical Bits 6th dot 1st line: (Put any changes)?

6th dot 2nd line: [This is a helpful,]

6th dot 3rd line: (Editor's)?

smiley - reindeer

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