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You still there?

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Arisztid Lugosi

Hi Tanzen!
Just today I was walking along, on my way home from college, and I started thinking about yousmiley - smiley I haven't talked to you in ages! I really miss you. So now that I'm home I decided to check when you last posted and quite to my suprise I saw it said yesterday!!! So you must still be around occasionally.... Or at least I hope you are. It would be so good to talk to you againsmiley - hug
Hope everything is going well for you!

You still there?

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Hey Arisz, long time no see smiley - cuddle

Aye, I've actually been away for nearly a year...but I guess not even the dark and complex recesses of my mind can keep me from hootoo forever smiley - biggrin

I got the feeling that everyone had either moved on or was never around when I was, and wasn't brave enough to leave any "do you remember me?" posts smiley - smiley

So thanks for dropping by, it actually does mean a great deal to me smiley - cheerup.

I will be on from time to time, so feel free to drop me a line, and I will do the same smiley - biggrin

We have some catching up to do. Let's try and make it soon smiley - smiley

You still there?

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Arisztid Lugosi

Oh Tanzen I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that you're here!!smiley - cuddle
I too was feeling that everyone was gone. Truely there is almost no one that I used to talk to left. Some people pop in occasionally, but its really not the same. I've been thinking I might have a to make a few friends. But as I'm quite shy I decided I'd just have to make do with the few measley posts that I do get.

*Happily dances around*

The only reason that I left "do you remember me" posts last night was because I had a fatalistic certainty that they wouldnt be answered, but I was moping around feeling sorry for myself that no one was here.

I don't come on all the time...School tends to get in my way... But I'm really going to try and keep it up because even though I keep dissapearing I think I shall always come back to Hootoo... There is no place quite like it. Its like home, and whether everyone is still here or not it has happy memories. Does that sound silly?

We definately have to do some catching up!!! I shall try to make it my next post... Right now I have to start getting ready. I've got to leave early today so I can get something to try and get rid of this horrible sore throat of mine!!

Talk to you soonsmiley - cuddlesmiley - hug

You still there?

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Arisztid Lugosi

Still missing yousmiley - hug
Hope you're wellsmiley - smooch

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