The Life and Times of Myself

I actually dont exist, so theres nothing to say about me. (I proved it on the back of a paper napkin once, but I forgot it when I left the restaurant.)(Does anyone know which side of the napkin is the back anyway?huh)(Yes, more parentheses. Apparently the back is the side without the lipprint. Or so I am told.)

But just because I dont exist is no reason to stop existingerm. Im quite enjoying this delusion.

Since Im feeling lazy at this particular moment, though, I shall simply copy some profile type information I have from elsewhere...

Some of my favourite things:
cheese, beef, music, calculus, lemonade, Squaresoft, colours, paper clips, Enix, avacadoes, mentos, cats, Simpsons, aardvarks, 42, etc.

Some hobbies and interests:
Bobbing for jellyfish, M:TG, rock surfing, powdered monkeys, video games, watching paint dry, calvinball, biking, repairing fractured donuts, crocodile hunting, reading, blitzball, etc., etc.

My ideal profession would possibly be a door-to-door door salesman. I cant say it would be incredibly successful, but I'm sure it would be worth it just to see the utter disbelief/suspicion in people's faces.

Because of the insufferably low probability of starting a door-to-door door selling business, my tentative goal is to take after one of my professors and become, "very well known in the spectroscopy circles."
scientist Then again, maybe not...

So now Im really at a lack for what else I need to say to introduce myself, so I suppose I might as well just continue to ramble on about whatever pops into my head as I type this and anyone who is still reading can easily go away if they feel the need since the rest of what is here will likely have very little relevance to anything whatsoever. Of course those are usually the most interesting ideas, the ones that are not relevant to anything whatsoever. So now I've completely lost my train of thought and dont expect it to come back anytime soon, just as one would not expect a derailed train to suddenly right itself and hop back onto the track, though I won't say this is impossible. But now that I feel I'm getting a little hungry, I shall have to conclude this introduction so I can introduce myself to some food, thus concluding my hunger. So continues the life and times of myself.

21 + 15 + 0 + 6 = 42 wow


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