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from jimcracker7,i did and didnt bbc_ib badges


i was at a loose end at the library, so i cobbled these together


they only work if the personal space as the guideml.

smiley - sheep J.H.D.

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(jimcracker7)it took 7+ yrs, and extended password, and sso, with a wipeout,and now on the 9th feb, the digibox will be no more

the death nell as sounded, and the link known as the (magic link) will be just a thing on a page, that goes to no-where.from the 9th feb.
i will have the library, but not the same, but is free, and can go after an hour or so at the cyber,i have to pay for,
there will be some that thought of digis as intelopers,be glad we are going, whats left, others, that saw us in the heyday as top contributers, boars head, teashoppe and more.
there wont be time for guides or post entries, the library ones are miles to slow.and i have plenty to update on the forums at the cyber.
health and weather as made it i can only get to town once or twice a week, till it gets warmer.
im going to put the days as the go on my tag, and watch the h2g2 slip slowly away day by day from here at home. (the clocks ticking) smiley - blacksheep J.H.D.

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an old friend,shel, paganmoon, said to say hi

shel, paganmoon, was on the h2g2 about the same time as me.
we met in blackpool many years ago, when i had a short holiday for my birthday.
i was able to contact shel, to let her know about the new signin,so she didnt lose the account, incase she came back, as she does now and then.
i writing this, as she asked me to say hi, to anyone that remembers her.smiley - sheep J.H.D.

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from,jimcracker7,a new year 2010,time for a change

smiley - bubblya happy new year to one and all,for 2010.smiley - bubbly.
i cant think of any new year resolution, so i,ll do a few changes to my signoff. lol
time to let the smiley - dragon sleep, and i thought, smiley - sheep or smiley - blacksheep then what the heck ,both, why not, i,ll probably mess up with my k/board, but give it a
and im taking the end b off jimbob, sounds like the waltons, lol. so, just jimbo.from now on.
as they say"a change is as good as a rest" smiley - sheepsmiley - blacksheep

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all i would have wanted for xmas, was a new keyboard lol.

my two digi keyboards are both over 10 yrs old now.
but as the new signin, will stop me getting on the h2g2 from home, a new keyboard, if i could get my hands on one would be pointless.
its getting nearer to the end of the "magic link" as we digi,s would call it.
i will be on from the cyber or library when i can but it wont be the same.
you might be thinking, get a pc or laptop. done that, been there, got the teashirt.i would never get to bed at night, morning.
i suppose the next thing to happen is virginmedia will fully discontinue the emails, of which i have three, (one still partly kaput). only longtime accounts have them, new ones have a new style samsung i was told.
so this will be my last, after over 7 years on h2g2 most from digi,no more guides, no more post,wont have time at the cyber or library. so this is my countdown to the end.
will keep the messages ongo, till it gets to much to even get to town. smiley - dragon jimbob

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