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its that day again my birthday 69 tomz

is anyone still out there that even remebwers me lol smiley - disco jimcraker7

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from jimcracker7,written with a sad heart

in 1966 my then girlfreind gave birth to my son,anthony, i was in the army so only had a day with her and hime at the hospital

because of my mother i left the army to take care of her as the only one that could work. things didnt work out and his mother lost custerdy of him, 4 years ago he rang me to say, are you my father, we still dont know, and he wants it that way, to him i am his father.
ive met him on more than one ocoassion, he and his wife stayed with me a few times when he came to meet is real mother.
a few weeks ago denise, his wife rang to say he had a lunp in his throat and needed tests, today at 10am, denise rang to say he as throat cancer, needs extensive surgery, nodes and part of tongue to be removed, its a 50/50 op. then kemo and reconstructive surgery for months if not years.
if anyone sees this, and wants updates along the way, im at the cyber now and then, i also have a twitter from home as my other jerno said, but its got no replies, the jerno i mean. smiley - blacksheep jim

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jimcracker7. yet another twit thats gone twitter lol

as i have no digi anymore ive no emails, and as my new tivo as a twitter, i added it to my apps.

at the moment im on with kat the thinker, but if anyone wants to join us your more than welcome.

its a way to keep in contact with kat if my phone goes down.

the invites there for anyone still seeing this smiley - sheep jim

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heard the other day, a longtime member of the h2g2,pasted away

anyone that is still on my friends list that knew ginty, she was from scotland, and was instrimental in setting up the thread, the olde teashoppe. i met her in harroate once, it was years ago and i remember it was new years eve.


rest in peace jinty smiley - peacedove jim

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new guide entry by jimcracker

new entry ive just added if anyone wantsto read itsmiley - sheep jimcracker7


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Jimcracker7[ gone altogether. im my home from home.

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