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Hi from here

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You can call me TC

Hi - thanks for your comments on the Pfalz entry.

I live in Germersheim and there are plenty of people here on H2G2. Stick with us!

Go and see my personal space, you'll see for example how many we were in Freiburg in September and what we got up to.

Hi from here

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You can call me TC

Hope you have been welcomed by an ACE. Please stick around. Maybe you can help me with the GerManiaConnection - that way you'll get to know lots of people, too!

My kids are often in Kaiserslautern - that is where you said you came from, wasn't it?

Hi from here

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You can call me TC

It doesn't look as though you have been welcomed by an ACE. So let me do it.

Welcome to H2G2. If you are interested in a subject, try typing it in the search bar above, and see what comes out.

You can also click on "Advanced Search" and type your favourite word into the "Search Conversations" where you can join in a conversation on that topic.

Be careful when reading a conversation and posting to it that you have read right to the end of the thread, or your answer will appear very out of place!

On the front page (Click the round logo at the top of the page) you will find the latest entries, the 5 most active conversations at the time and subjects to discuss.

You will soon get involved and have lots of fun reading. There are serious conversations and silly ones.

And you will learn lots of English.

You must come to the Bulettenbude - jump in here: F36649?thread=233210

Hi from here

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You can call me TC

There are two aspects to the site.

a. the conversations
b. the entries.

After a while you are welcome to write an entry on any subject that interests you, provided it isn't already covered. I will be willing to help you there!

Hi from here

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

Hi TC... and I thought your message was by an ACE in the first place... smiley - blush

A couple of more Germans can't hurt the side. How about giving us a hand at the Language thing at A1145477 ?

smiley - cheers

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