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Don't you just hate it when there's nothing to read in the bathroomHi there and welcome. Wait a mo...((1+9) x 5)-(1+1+6) = 42


Hmm. How to do an intro without sounding like a miss world contestant. Oh well, here goes.

I am a guy and somewhere along the way seem to have been fortunate enough to have collected a beautiful wife and two daughters. I'm definitely older than I was but bits haven't started falling off... yet.

I am yet another IT sort and work and live in London (UK that is, not the Texas type). I am having a long-standing affair with the English language which probably stems from devouring authors like Wodehouse, Steven Fry and dear old DNA. Big fan of Iain (M) Banks too.

Because I believe our language is a wonderful, playful free-spirit that loves nothing better than larking about and confusing those trying to learn it, I am forming a club called WORDS entirely devoted to (ever so slightly) modifying and giving silly meanings to otherwise quite upright and respectable expressions. All contributions are welcome from anyone bored or silly enough to want to play. smiley - biggrin

Another quest I have set myself is to find out when and how, exactly, the South Africans managed to hoodwink the Welsh into giving them all their vowels but more of that later, perhaps.

All my hobbies, neatly encapsulated in a picture - coo!In my spare time I tool about building websites for friends and writing mind-bogglingly meaningless drivel (example) and sending it to anyone who will listen. I cook a lot, eat more, play bridge (badly), play backgammon (well) and entertain regularly at weekends. Oh, and I get hog-whimpering drunk with the chaps once a week.

Eclectic taste in music; have been known to dance, sing and occasionally attempt to play bass, though not all at the same time.

I am also a part-time curmudgeon and, having been shafted by dullards on more than one occasion (without protection), now find myself to be in the Pudding Club.

Sports I have taken up and pursued with single-minded determination, spent a fortune on and subsequently given up:

Scuba-Diving, Fencing, Skiing, Karate, Roller blading, Badminton, Golf and Tennis. There are probably more but I can't recall them just now.

I think that's enough to be going on with but please feel free to wander around here and drop me a line as and when the muse takes you.

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