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Benjamin Britten's War Requiem

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Hi Bels,

As part of a Community Art scheme your article on The War Requiem by Benjamin Britten has received a graphic to go with it. As the illustrator I have the priviledge of telling you. I hope you like it smiley - smiley.

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Benjamin Britten's War Requiem

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What an amazing piece of music! It had its world premiere at Coventry Cathedral as part of a measure of what today maybe referred to as 'truth and reconciliation': Coventry and Dresden's suffering during WW2's bombing campaigns. I visited Coventry (not far from my Birmingham hometown/city) in the late 1990s and went to a display/museum about the effect of the bombing during WW2. It was very emotional as I know that 'just up the road' in my home city, folk went through similar dreadful experiences as did many German towns and cities.
I love the old ruined cathedral and respect the later one where War Requiem had its premiere. Britten's piece is fantastic. While not everyone's cup of tea: he didn't write what many would call 'melodic' music. However, his music is wonderful and rewarding, inventive, powerful, unforgettable..........etc. (In the ear of the beholder I guess. One person's ABBA is another's Terry Reilly). I actually like both of the aforementioned.
Lapissmiley - biggrin

Anyway I just thought I'd comment, and have done. Thanks for the original post!

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Benjamin Britten's War Requiem

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