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Another bonjour!

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You must be a 'bonjour' magnet! I do actually squeak French, having lived there for around ten years, before moving her to Sunnysmiley - rofl Eye Land around a year ago.

Just looked at your church site, that seems smiley - coolsmiley - applause....if you need anyone in the Co.Sligo area, let me know; our priest here is grand,we're not regular churchgoers, but i suppose are seen as sort of spiritual folk.

I've lived in Africa; Middle East, Pakistan, Greece, France, Ireland....i reckon the basic thing of all religions/belief systems is "Love thy neighbour as thyself"

*Comments welcome & do say hello on my 'Eye land' journal....and please spread the word that a certain person on Hootoo needs our collective blessings in her time of trouble (No, it's not me, i'm in fact happier than i've ever been.)

smiley - zensmiley - devilTerri (zdt)

Another bonjour!

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Hi, Hola & Bonjour!!

Thanks for having a look at my PS and my church.

Sounds like you've lived in a fair few places. Where's your favourite place been so far? Or is it too hard to choose?

Quite bizzarely, you say you live in Sligo? My church have been down to Sligo town to do healing on the streets in the town. Have you seen them? I'm not sure if there's a church there that goes out every week, but I know teams from mine have gone down and seen big things happen. Here's a link if you're interested. Has some Sligo stories on it.

Another bonjour!

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We don't actually live in Sligo town itself; we live on a small solar/wind powered farm in the middle of nowhere, but Sligo is our nearest big town; so we tend to go there only occasionally for special stuff we can't get from local shops in the village.

I haven't seen your folk there, but it seems quite an amazing thing you're doing; i totally believe in bringing whatever spiritual message you may have "to" the people on the streets, rather than waiting for them to come to you; many folk are a bit scared off by the idea of 'organised religion'; ie: "thou shalt attend Church every Sunday" etc.

My partner was once asked by the local priest to host a Mass/Confession on his porch, which he did , plus was also asked to read a passage from the Bible for a departed neighbour, which he also did (though he does say he found that particular passage not very suitable for the old man he had known!)


Another bonjour!

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So what's life like in the middle of nowhere?

If you see the guys on the streets when you're in Sligo, you really should go and see what they're doing. Can be amazing.

You're right that the church really does need to go out to meet the people where they are. If you wait for them to come to you, you'll be waiting forever. So many passages in the Bible show the Chirst and the disciples and apostles meeting people in every-day places and doing normal activities.

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