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Weird divine encounters?

I just read an article about different "appearances" of Christ and Mary.

Always strikes me as a bit odd. The grilled cheese sandwich is the oddest I think. They say it's 10 years old, but has never gone mouldy. smiley - erm Like the way they kept eating round the image though.

Always strikes me as odd. In some of the photos it's hard to see what we're supposed to be seeing. Like the Mars image. I can't see anything.

I have to admit I struggle to beleive them all. Not that I mean any disrespect to any of the people who have believed them though.

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Scary news stories

Just been having a look at some of the random news stories out there this weekend.

Just for a bit of randmness. I know they're totally daft stories and wh yon earth do we really need or want to hear them, but is it just a little reassuring that tsomeone took the time to report on something that was a bit random rather than the usual recession and swine flu and other depressing stuff.

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Advert Technobabble

What is it with adeertisers at the moment? Every other ad on tv seems full of fake science technobabble stuff.

OK, so I think it's a great idea not to think your audience are stupid. But still....

What exactly *are* "collogen biospheres" and "bifidus digestivum" anyway? Sounds so made up.

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Why Facebook?

I haven't signed up to it yet. I don't quite trust it, which in a way seems daft as I'm on hootoo, but this is different.

People have told me that it's great for sharing photos with friends, but if I want to show my friends photos, I'll take the pics with me when I see them next, or I'll email them.

I also don't like the idea of uploading photos of my friends and family online for whoever to see. I know there are a lot of privacy options, but still...there could be ways around them. And besides, do you really want ot share pics with all your friends when they probably don't care that much?

I just can't see why I should sign up. I don't know how far to trust the privacy, so I don't see the point. I see most of my friends and family fairly regularly, and I have their email addresses and phone numbers anyway, so why should I sign up to *another* thing to contact them when I can email, text or phone them?

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Sorry I've been away

but I'm back now. In between work, my PC dying, and having great trouble geting my new laptop to connect to the internet it seems I've been away for 2 months!! Didn't think it was that long. Sorry for the absence. I promise I wasn't ignoring anyone.

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