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what about philosophy?

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in a website such as yours with an unbelievable amount of wisdom and researches of high intellect, it surprises me that no one has yet tried to manage the world of phillosophy.

outside the point of searching the philosophies of life described in Adams' books, and the contradictions in his charachters which make them so human/allien/interesting, there is a whole lot of a point researching numerous points of views. diferent perspectives of day to day life.

for instance: the bible as a philosophy book, the contradiction and ballance between materialism and non-materialism {forgot the english word}, philosophy as a guideline to our current life, the endless search for hope even in extreme terminating cases such as the holocaust or death-penalty, etc.

what about philosophy?

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Someone You Know(GrandHighMaster Of All Things Unsanitary And In Need Of A Good Clean Before The Neighbours Come Round)

Hell yes you are right! As a raving Marxist revolutionary I would be happy to tackle the issues of capitalism and its effects etcetera but I Can't decide which facets fit into which categories in which faculties (aaaaaargh!!!!) I am also quite intrigued as to Adams' work and the philosophical aspects there of. As any true fan will tell you theres a lot more to Adams than just the humour. Still if you're so bothered why not write somehting yourself! smiley - smiley
Maybe we could team up
Big Bad Bolshevik Bob.

what about philosophy?

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God would be a good place to start: but there's so much we could say about Him/Her: Proving [lets just say His: it's easier!] His existence
The traits of God i.e. omniscience, omnipotence etc.
The Problem of Evil
The obstacle of sociology and psychology

Beyond that it is possible to do things like ethics, free will and God, or life after death, miracles: and that's just philosophy of religion!

We ought to do something about it!

what about philosophy?

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good and evil do not exist. adams works true present this on a simple manner. the vogons destroy earth not because they are evil. but because that is what they do. good and evil are just emotional reactions that are tacked onto events buy observers. philosophy is the greatest waste of time in life. i love it. but it is altogether useless.

what about philosophy?

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Noggin the Nog

Aha! Do I sense the beginnings of a philosophy workshop here? Count me in, dudes!


what about philosophy?

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me too smiley - ok

what about philosophy?

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what's all that about?

you can't 'manage' the world of philosophy.

Can you?!!!

what about philosophy?

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Tony2Times/Prof. Chaos

Hmm, what happened here?

Well if anyone else is interested I might be tempted to do a theology series on the classical proofs of God: ontological, cosmological, teleological...i forget the others but they are there. If noone else wants to I might end up doing them myself. I don't mind, would just take longer.

what about philosophy?

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Ah phlilos, There is this woman I know, more of a goddess realy! She has many things to say on this subject. They are however her opinions and would be best described by her not me. So strike up a conversation, she'll talk to you even if she does'nt realy exist, isnt that great?
Simply whisper into to the night :
"Hail Eris,
Full of grass,
Hollow be thy name.
Whats it all about?"

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