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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Hey you.

Apart from one or two strange sms messages, I haven't heard from you for a while.

How are things?

I am FINE!
Well, I think it is called recovery but the jury is still out on that one!

WeeOne is still growling at, and chasing, invisible things.

Lil Spiggy is struggling, but doing ok considering he is 19 in a month or so.

My phone is always unplugged (and I won't answer the mobile) so you won't get me that way, but if you ever find time to drop me an email (Nellie has the addy if you have lost it) or a letter, I am still at the same place.

Folks are still in Louth so you can always get me via them.

Would be good to catch up. I have mellowed a bit too smiley - winkeye


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the autist formerly known as flinch

Howdy, i came back here to find ya, cos i've just booked tickets to see Rhona Cameron (whom i seem to remeber you like) at the Festival, and wondered if you fancied coming too and meeting up. Are you up for it?
I'm pretty good too. Suffering with a bit o hay fever atm, but generally happy. Me and Moo are doing well, my jobs good, and now permanent, and while i'm really borassic i've got what i need. I thought i saw your ma the other day, but i don't think she saw me. It's odd i don't see her more often as my house is between theirs and town. You are of course still welcome to use my placew to crash if you want to come down and 'see the family(s)'.


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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

I have to move house in a few weeks so pretty much no idea what is happening.

Also i have asthma smiley - yikes


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the autist formerly known as flinch

Is the move voluntary - or contractual? I'm assuming you're still in the same place.

Asthma eh? Bloody cats.


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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Move next week - wasn't voluntary.

Don't blame the cats for the asthma!! They are too cute to blame!

Was a bit of a shock though - first I knew of it was when I had to call an ambulance cos I couldn't breathe. Spent a night in intensive care and then a week in a respiratory ward.

And to top it off I have got a lung infection now.

Still, could be worse.

How are you?


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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

just in case you pop in - hey.

Given up smoking - been 5 months now.

WeeOne still cute, I am still FINE!


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the autist formerly known as flinch


Well it's two years since you left the message i'm now responding to, so i may have spoken to you since - or not.

I was under the impression that you'd moved house a copule of years ago - you certianly weren't there when i was in Edinburgh last year. You look well, from what i've seen on facebook. Any chance of seeing you in Lincolnshire? Daymo sends his best, asks if you're doing FINE.


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the autist formerly known as flinch



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the autist formerly known as flinch

Double ditto.

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