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Yer Band Name-Game...

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Hiya - Pinniped Here

Didn't want to post this in the main thread (bit of a spoiler), but you might want to start thinking about an apparent missing number coming up soon.

At the time of posting, 81 has been covered.

Applying the GreyDesk method (ie using a web register of band names, provided to help avoid copyright breaches) gives plentiful options for a while yet, eg (US unless stated) : Exit 82, Honcho83, Wheel of '84 (Plymouth), G85 (Bromley), London 86 (Germany), Chug*Water87, 88mph (Pontypridd), ORIGINAL 89 (Ashton-on-Mersey), 90 Degrees South (Cheltenham)...

and then...nothing for 91! (Least on the bandname registers I've found)

A S***load of 911s, natch, but no pure 91.

Any ideas? Shame to tail out here, so close to a (highly improbable) century.

P. smiley - grovel

Yer Band Name-Game...

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the autist formerly known as flinch

Seems we've busted past it! Try looking at [Unsuitable link removed by Moderator] too.

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