This is my site and it will be crappy.

I believe the subject says it all. I dont know what I am doing here or even what the point of this web site is, but from what I can gather it looks pretty shite. I have read the house rules and I am confident that I can break them all and thus get kicked off. I will not be updating this thing very often as I am lazy and would rather spend the time sleeping or eating. So, erm, this is nice. I have decided to use the alb*****d skin as the other takes to long to load, apparently. Also, if you are reading this I would firsty like to ask 'why??' and secondly suggest that you go to the site of the truck driver from Darlington (I think thats his name) and take part in his survey thingumy bob. Im sure he would be most grateful and he might even invite you to live with him in his gum-drop house were everyone lives forever, children respect their elders and there is candy and beer as far as the eye can see.
I think I could use my site to provide some useful advice on all aspects of life, from beer drinking to, well, other stuff.Yes, I like that idea, I like it a lot. In fact, I may patent the idea and then sell it on for millions of pounds, yep, I've backed a winner here! Ok, im sick of typing and im sure you are sick of reading. If you are not sick of reading get a life as you are a gimp who possibly lives in the humble, if not slightly primitive, hamlet of Crapelton.

alestoutaleMost Annoying!!alestoutale
When I noticed there was a list of clubs I assumed that it was reffering to all the high quality drinking establishments that one could frequent. Imagine my shock and horror when I found that it was simply a list of all the clubs on this bloody web-site! In my annoyance, and to save any other poor sods from the same fate, I think I shall take the time to list all the good drinking establishments in Nottingham. Although I have not frequented everyone, I have many mates who will help me fill in the gaps. When I will start this is anybody's guess, although seeing as im a lazy git probably never.


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