I friends on h2g2! One's name is Snontopetu and she is much more creative and interesting than I am so go to her page her page instead of mine. I, however, am much less sarcastic and much more apt1 to rejoice properly2. Also, she may be my clone, but that's currently in debate. The sister belonging to her is Semisomna, which is an excellent name. She has a better introduction than I do too for similar reasons but, alas, has now left me and gone to a better place; Swarthmore, to be specific. Sigh. But on a jollier note...

Yay monkey jokes!

Q: Why did the first monkey fall out of the tree?

A: Because it was dead!

Q: Why did the second monkey fall out of the tree?

A: It was stapled to the first monkey.

Q: Why did the third monkey fall out of the tree?

A: Peer pressure.

Two sausages are in a frying pan. One sausage says to the other sausage, "Gee, it sure is hot in here." The second sausage says, "Oh my Gosh! It's a talking sausage!"

Q: What's a wok?

A: It's what you thwow at a wabbit.

I love those jokes. Perhaps I should talk about myself a bit. I am a vegetarian and part of the H2G2 Vegetarian Society. I do eat fish though, and so am known to some as "Feggie." Some being one friend of mine but it's essentially the same thing. Also, I'm Keeper of Undying Faith in Humanity. And did I mention I'm a Procrastinator?3 That is, if they've updated the list since the last time I had a test to study for, I mean since the last time I checked... Yes... that's it. Actually, school has started, which is terribly exciting. 4 And yes, I am updating this when I should be studying. I suppose some traditions never die.


1What a great word.2Or at least less poorly.3I wonder what's so Royal about it. Perhaps I'll get around to asking one of these days...4I'm a perfectly normal person, really.55Granted, most people disagree with me, but they're all wrong; after all, I am perfect.66I definitely agree with Semisomna on the inside joke smiley


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