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Two days ago, my sister spotted a puppy dog on the street with only a filthy cord around her neck. After watching it for half an hour, running around totally alone and confused, nearly getting run over by a couple of cars etc., she decided to take it with her and bring it to the police or a home for lost animals.
The poor pup enchanted me and now it's still in my house, while I am trying to find a home for her. In Belgium, dogs are put to sleep in an asylum when they're there for more than fifteen days, and I really couldn't stand the thought.

She's a lovely slender beige dog, I think she must be something like a breed in between a labrador retriever and some sheep dog I don't know. She's got amazingly big ears and she's so very sweet, I really don't know what to do!! smiley - wah
Since I don't have a garden, it would be silly to try and keep her, but by now she has already almost stolen my heart. I've never liked a dog in my entire life, but this one...


smiley - blue

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Latest reply: Sep 3, 2001

jippie!! HOLIDAY!!

This is great!

The moment I awaited for sooooo long! Finally I'll be out of the office for more than three weeks and I assure you I won't miss it!..

Of course this also means missing the hitchhiker's people for three weeks...smiley - wah
Hope I can still make up for everything I'll miss (conversations and stuff). Now that I've just become a dedicated member of the Church of the True Brownie as a New Chocolyte (I won't even be able to fulfill my duties!)... But I'll bake some truely delicious brownies down there in Southern France, maybe I'll attract some new followers! smiley - winkeye

byebye and see y'all in three weeks!

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Latest reply: Jul 10, 2001

The Guitar-Blues

Sometimes I get angry with myself...
Other times I try to find excuses...

... but it won't help! I played the classic guitar for so long (up to two hours a day for 14 years) and now I'm losing it entirely due to a lack of time (work etc.)...smiley - blue

Any one else having this problem? A 'hobby' that disappears because of your work or other circumstances? And how do you deal with it??

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Latest reply: May 22, 2001

F**k the ECR!!


Been working on an ECR source (Electron Cyclotron Resonance, for those who really want to know) for more than a week now!.. Shitty piece of metal-junk! smiley - grr

Sorry, had to write that down, it seems to help! (but clearly not enough since it's still not working! smiley - steam)

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Latest reply: May 22, 2001

Feng Shui

Last night we 'beta-tested' Feng Shui for the first time. Just to avoid any confusion : with 'Feng Shui' I do NOT mean the art of directing chi flows in your livingroom by moving furniture from this to that corner or similar new age stuff!
Feng Shui is also the name of a new (? New to me, but maybe not to a whole bunch of other people!) Role Playing Game. It is all about classic Kung Fu movies, in fact! The setting is Hong Kong, timing is : now. Or sometimes also in the future, if you want (it depends on the Feng Shui Role Play Master!)... You can be a really typical action-hero, with tights and all if you like that (with the everlasting elegantly falling cape in black and that sort of stuff), you can be a Kung Fu Cop (anyone who cares to imagine what it might be like?), you can sway along like a Chinese Ghost (quite some magic, there), you can look like an old chinese drunk but in fact be an Old Master in martial arts and follow the Path of the Empty Bottle (e.g. you *look* drunk but are perfectly able to inflict a 'flying windmill kick' on anybody who cares to laugh at your face...smiley - devil

Imagine a typical Kung Fu movie, with lots of special effects, people flying in bamboo bushes and stuff (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - style), well : this IS such a movie! It's fun... You can pull quite some stunts in this game, that's for sure! It's the most dynamic RPG I've ever played, although we suffered some delay during the game because we didn't know the rules good enough yet.
But anyway : the Master sent about 12 tough guys over to the place where we were quietly eating something and within 15 'shots' (think movie-style!), they got beaten the s**t out of them and ran off. Not bad for a trial-run!

If we play a complete story, I'll tell you all about it!smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: May 21, 2001

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