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nahnahI thought I might never have anything to record as an introduction erm, but I did want to remove the Boilerplate from "My Space", so here are links to some spots around here that have been helpful:
*Getting the best from the guide, by Xyroth (...)," > ;
*Misc. Chat," > ;
*The Myth Of 42[(5-3+0+5)*(6+0)=42]," > ;
*Site Statistics," > ;
*Smiley List," > ;
*Guide to GuideML," > ;
*GuideML: TABLE Tag," > .
I'm going to have to learn that GuideML right away, I can see.

Well, OK, as it appears that any real contributions I'd want to make to on-line conversations are likely to mean posting this stuff anyway:

Vital Stats: I'm female, married, born in '57, Collidge Edjikatid, and live in a fairly conservative midwestern city (that means kinda near Chicago) in the US.



Humor, laughing (see" > and" > .)

Art: Modern, Surrealism, Magic-realism (see" > .)

Walks in the woods, sitting by the fire winkeye,

Music: classical, bluesy rock-&-roll, blues

Playing with words (see" > .)


Skepticism (see" > .)

Science (check out" > and" > ) and technology news; surfing the net and messing around with my PC.

Literature: science planet fiction; mysteries.

Food: Chocolate, Indian, Mexican, Chocolate, Serbian, Middle-Eastern, Italian, Greek, Chocolate...

Movies: The Matrix, Godfather I and II and Goodfellas, Chinatown (lots more I can't think of right now), Most Python movies

TV: Star Trek NG, Voyager (Hoping the new Star Trek: Enterprise will be decent), Babylon 5, Dr. Who, The Sopranos, X-Files, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Oz...



Hummel & Precious Moments figurines ill, and the effort to be polite when I realize someone I like enjoys them. ANYTHING twee.

Sentimentality (see" > )

Rudeness: people who don't thank me when I hold the door for them, e.g.

The use of apostrophes to form the plural or the present tense ("apostrophe's" and "whine's all the time"); the use of quotation marks for emphasis (Oh, I "really" hate that); "I" as object (" Tegan and I...").

Fantasy yuk, or at least the damsel and dragon and stilted-language stuff.

Novels that preach instead of explore

Organized Religion, proselytizers for any religion, people who try to convince me that I can't really be an atheist.


Most of what appeals to me has a bit of an edge to it, but I'm generally a pretty generous-spirited person. Definitely an optimist. The quote I use in my sigfile follows.

"Life does not cease to be funny when people die
any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."
-- George Bernard Shaw


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