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How's the ol' Uni?

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How's it going Andy?

How's the ol' Uni?

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Comrade Rumble

Ok, I suppose. I'm being a little bit hermit like at the moment. What with not going out withn the people in my hall. I will however be checking some local bands later.

How's the ol' Uni?

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I'm pretty much the same. I've been going out and about with Ben Smith and Caz and so on - but not with the people from my house. I tend to lurk in my room and do stuff. I made a Poota Sampler featuring Milkshake, Overland, Jonesin', Jazz-oh and Egg Schmuck to people who get even slightly curious about the band. I improvised a cover using some of the photos of mess and such.

I met another PUSA fan, who even has Freaked Out & Small - except he's not even heard of The Giraffes, which is odd.

I'm currently in another irritating break with nowhere to go or people to talk to as they mostly do other courses or are in other Media Production Groups (we've been split up into 'fun size' chunks).

We've got an incredibly fast 'net connection. The only problem is with scrolling - it's very slow, and each time you move the bar at the side the entire screen flashes. Grr.

Have you worked out how to use AIM on the AOL website? I have. Haha.

How's the ol' Uni?

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Wesley Pipes

Yes. Yes! Yes!!! Super-fast connection. 7mb in one minute. In dream world. Must get hold of self. 777777MMMMBBBB

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