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This is the 'Justice Ministry'

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If the organization is too large to cope with the job in hand, then I don't suppose there's any harm in the idea. After all they split the Department of Health & Social Security quite successfully 20 years ago and more, and the only thing that got ruined was the nickname of their 'The Department of Stealth and Total Obscurity'.

However, in all of the speeches and the like about it. I find I've developed an unshakable image in my mind of John Reid dressed as a slightly sweaty, slightly overweight Judge Dredd. Not a pretty sight! smiley - online2long

This is the 'Justice Ministry'

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McKay The Disorganised

Working, as I do, a great deal of the time on the Ministry of Justice contract, I'm very disappointed that I have not as yet received my badge, gun, helmet, and motorbike.

smiley - cider

This is the 'Justice Ministry'

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Yeah, I had meant to post this in my journal rather than to my own message centre. I realised my mistake as soon as I'd done it, and I was rather hoping no one would notice... smiley - blush

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