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Making the break

Yeah, I know I've scarcely been here in the last year, but I have been thinking about you in the meantime.

Well time has now come to make a break. It's been good fun over the years, and I've got a lot out of the site and the people who I've met here. But now it's time to go.

Cheerio. Have fun, and look after yourselves.

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I've just punched someone

I've just punched someone.

I was coming back from the offie with a couple of cans and some smokes when I was accosted by a drunk student type.

He asked if I had any rizlas. I said no I hadn't got any. He asked if he could have a cigarette. I told him to go buy his own. He called me a **** (that's the one beginning with a 'c') as I walked past him.

I turned on my heel and said, "What did you say?"

He threw a useless punch in my direction. It missed and he overbalanced and sort of fell towards me.

I pushed him back with my left hand. I dropped the lit cigarette from my right, made a fist, and punched him hard on his left cheek.

He span around, and staggered, and fell face first to the floor.

I told him to, "Show some respect in the future." Then I left the area sharpish as I didn't fancy being a star on CC-TV.

I've been wracking my brains to remember the last time I hit someone, and I honestly can't remember when it was, it was so long ago.

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Well that's delightful, thank you. But I'm not gay.

Three times in the last 18 hours or so, a slightly tipsy young woman has come up to me and wished me a 'Happy Pride' for today.

That's really sweet of them. Lovely smiley - smiley

Sadly I have to point out that not every Brighton based skinhead in his early forties who's wearing a slightly too tight white t-shirt is actually a homosexual. It is normally a good indicator, yes. But in this case you've made a mistake.

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Slugs & Snails

The slugs are back smiley - yuk

There are slugs that patrol my kitchen at night.

I've no idea how they're getting in. There are no trails from the back door, nor from either of the two kitchen windows. The only place remaining is the hole in the wall where the sink outlet passes through. But that would mean that they have to negotiate around the back of the cupboard under the sink-unit, and I'm sure that that is sealed.

Anyway, I stepped on one last night. Fortunately I was wearing socks, so we didn't have a skin on skin contact. Also I recognised what I just stepped on before I put my foot fully down, and so could recoil from it with out the full on squelch experience (though it was terminal for slug none the less).

I'm going to have to start sprinkling salt around the kitchen surfaces again smiley - sadface

So why the mention of snails? Well it's to do with my opposing reactions to two species that are to all intents and purposes very similar. Slugs revolt me. I feel sick having to pick them up and flip 'em out the window when I get rid of them. Snails on the other hand, I regard as adventurous souls; chaps who carry their world on their back in their quest to find new things to slide over and investigate and munch at. I really like them. And they taste good with garlic butter smiley - smiley

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All I want for Christmas - the shopping experience

At the weekend I was walking past this shop in town that sells retro football tops(*), and what was in the window?

Yes, that's right: a Dukla Prague away kit smiley - biggrin

(*)In fact actually that's all it sells. So that's another example of the rich and diverse tapestry that makes up this fine city, and a further reason as to why Brighton is way cooler than where you live smiley - tongueout

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