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h2g2 Operations


You are listed as being a member of the Sub-Editor volunteer scheme.

Are you still an active member of that volunteer scheme? Please respond to this message.

Also, please ensure that the email address you have entered in your preferences is a current address.

On a related note, we are asking all volunteers to please read and consent to follow the new h2g2 Volunteer Code of Conduct A87765736 Just leave a comment in the 'I promise' thread, stating you've read and agree with the Code of Conduct.

That public promise will earn you an updated badge on your Personal Space (once the last kink in code gets ironed out).

If we hear nothing from you by 31 August 2012, we will assume that you are no longer active, and you will be awarded a badge for retired volunteers.

Thank you.
Milla, for h2g2 Operations smiley - cogs

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Am I still active? I think the answer is "Yes, but not very."

I had trouble with the site, until Lanza pointed out that we'd been advised to use the old skins until bugs with Pliny are sorted out. This put me off trying to do stuff, but now I will do some more subbing. When I get back from holiday.

Message to Volunteer - Bagpuss

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h2g2 Operations

Great to hear you're coming back! Keep in touch with Lanza - I'm sure she'll nudge you in the right directions smiley - winkeye

Milla smiley - cogs

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

It's great to have you back too Bagpuss! smiley - biggrin

I've also just this minute set up a Trello Board for the new Sub-editors' forum. The one we started on Noesis was not much used. I am hoping that we can make better use of technology to improve communication regarding Entries as they travel through the editorial processes.

I look forward to seeing you on Trello. Let me know if you have any difficulty, or if your invitation does not arrive.

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