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Which ebook reader should I get?

I seem to be having trouble finding the information I need online, so I'll ask you clever smiley - geek people.

I'm thinking of getting an ebook reader to read academic papers, rather than printing them out. So I want a reader that can handle pdfs, which seems to be almost all of them. It should also be easy to read, which I *think* means I want an electronic paper display.

Finally, I want to be able to scrawl notes in the margins and save them. This is vitally important when reading mathematical texts; just ask Pierre de Fermat.

So, any suggestions?

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Well my car is, to use a technical term, bu**ered. I have a naive idea that I want to be insured in case things go wrong and that insurance should give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is covered. Silly me. As eny fule kno insurance doesn't pay to fix things when they break, and doesn't pay to have things moved when they're less than a mile from home.

Good news, though. Car was purchased with a 24 month warranty, and tomorrow I shall find out if that covers it.

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Back again

So I suppose I should tell you what I was up to while I was gone. Basically I got a bit too busy on the PGCE course and decided to cut out h2g2.

I'm kind of reluctant to write about this, but it didn't go that well, especially the second placement. Okay, some stuff was good. Seems like I'm an ace exam marker. But I haven't passed, because I don't have enough evidence of successful behaviour management.

So I may retake next year. Or I could get a job post-16. Or do something else entirely.

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I've got the tripod set up, can you start rioting now?

British researchers may have noticed a particular image of violent protests in London. Let's face it, if you looked at a newspaper you could hardly have missed it:

The BBC also had this image. Check out picture no 4:

This uncropped version seems to tell a slightly different story. Sure, the guy kicking a window is still there, but he's surrounded by photographers, and the rest of the protesters are just standing there. I wonder what actually happened to lead up to this.

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Not here

I've been a little absent lately. This is because I've moved house and don't have internet access until I find out the password - new housemate is away. And now I'm off to Canada for a week, so don't expect to see me around much.

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