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gwendolen's collection
of random facts
herself, the universe
and everything

gwendolen likes
  • reading books
  • drinking tea
  • talking about books
  • organizing books on shelves
this is work in progress
new stuff will be added,
old stuff might disappear,
it's never finished.
Compliments, complaints
and hints appreciated.
gwendolen dislikes
  • books written by pretentious people
  • people maltreating books
  • tea that has gone cold
  • being interrupted when reading a book
Aren't fish fascinating creatures?
I'm particularly fond of those that live
in the deep sea. Maybe that's the
reason why I went to see The Life
Aquatic, which I consider to be way
beyond ordinary fish films. If the
anglerfish on the right leaves you
curious about glow-in-the-dark animals
and you don't mind the odd shark or
splash of blood on the camera lens,
I recommend that you watch the film!
An Anglerfish at the bottom of the big blue ocean

please excuse
neglect of capitalization.

gwendolen is
Keeper of much neglected diaries,
pink pencils and melancholy poems
for reasons she'll explain later.
meanwhile, you're asked to content
yourself with ascertaining that it's
i think i'm going to start
writing an entry. now.
picture yourself...OI!
pirates hiding there. bring a bottle of rum or get yourself gone.
smiley - blacksheep

DON'T look at this page
in classic goo.

it doesn't match my colour scheme.
smiley - artist
the artist will switch it to brunel for you.

gwendolen hates
  • patronising (when others do it)
  • rocket (the plant)
  • popcorn (at the cinema)
  • television (in general)
smiley - disco
gwen's fave food-related movie quotes
  • What about second breakfast? - Pippin, The Lord of the Rings
  • Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. - Ford Prefect, you-know-which-film
Actually, there must be more.

42isms for 1506653

Luckily, Potholer saved my brain from overheating!

1+50-(6/6)-5-3 = 42
When she's not reading books
or writing about books,
gwendolen can be spotted
listening to music. Or dancing
to music, or at least shaking
various body parts. When she's not
ranting about certain types of noise
that can't be called music (in her
ears), that is. You could say she's
opinionated. Discussions are
pointless because she's been known
to cover her ears and shout.
general rule: the louder, the better!
smiley - goodluckI'm bored.
You could leave a message...
smiley - towel latest update:
August 8th 2006.


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