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I'm reusing the title of my tumblr blog here, at least until I think of something better to use. I'm not really sure what to write here, actually. Perhaps just a bit of background of my experience with Hitchhikers.
It started when I was in high school. My 9th grade year I had a friend that told me of this book he had read called the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and how he really enjoyed it. So, sight unseen, I mentioned it to my parents that I wanted to get this book. Christmas was coming up and I suggested it as a gift idea. Sure enough, on Christmas Eve, at my grandparents' house, I opened up a brand new paperback copy of Hitchhiker's. As everyone sat around talking and my cousins were playing with their gifts, I sat in the corner and started reading.
I read it cover to cover that night, stopping only to sleep for a bit and to open my gifts on Christmas Day at home with my family. When I was finished with my first read through, I started over and read it again.
Over the school break, I read the book half a dozen times. Then, when I got back to school, I told my friend who had mentioned the book that I got it. He and I talked about it and how awesome it was. Then, he loaned me Restaruant at the End of the Universe, which I read in 2 days. He then loaned me Life, The Universe, and Everything and I read that rapidly as well.
This would have been in January 1984 when I had finished reading the original trilogy. For the next several years I was enamoured with it all to a fault. I looked for anything and everything that I could find related to it. I incorporated anything about it into my life. And with the obsession that only a teenager can muster, I made it the center of my personal philosophy.
I didn't discover So Long And Thanks For All The Fish until I was in college (1987). It was incredible! Another friend had some VHS tapes with the BBC television series of Hitchhiker's recorded from PBS. We watched those regularly. And at one point, I was friends with someone that had a (very lousy) copy of the BBC radio series. I was in every sense of the word, a fan(atic) about it all.
In 1992, a friend of mine went to the east coast to visit some other of our friends that had relocated there. On his last day there, he had most of the day to kill before his flight home and so he looked in the paper to see what he could do. It turns out that Douglas Adams was in town doing a book signing for his new novel, Mostly Harmless. So my friend, to whom I had introduced Hitchhiker's, went there and bought 2 copies of the book and had them both signed. Upon his return, he gave one to me as a birthday gift. And thus I had my own signed and stamped (with a 42) copy of Mostly Harmless.
Since that time, I have purchased my own DVD set of the BBC TV series and also CDs of all of the BBC radio plays. I've scoured the 'net for anything I could find related to H2G2. And I've surfed this site for a long time. But today (16 Jan 2017) I decided to actually make an account. I mean, why not?

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