Hi! Good to see you! :D

smiley - cracker YAY! IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!smiley - cracker

Fav Quote: Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something that's broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better.

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Hello everyone! I'm RandomKid!

A little bit of randomness

Now that I already know you have no self control, I guess that I'll have to be in charge of things.

I am a swim suit model, athlete, playboy and your soon to by ex-boyfriend’s worst enemy all bundled up into a perfect brown treat. Mix in some spice, throw me into my finest suit and you got yourself a man your girlfriends will kill for. All the other men in your life were just practice.

I'm Joking!

There is absolutely nothing "right" about me. I'm totally random! But you probably already gathered that from the name huh? Oh well, now you know for definite, sort of from the horse's mouth so to speak. Not that I'm a horse.. I already told you.. I'm a kid.. Well, not a kid, but as young as one at heart.

Confused? Me too!

I'm often confused by my constant ramblings of things that are not worth the time and effort talking about, and things that make no sense what-so-ever! But hey! My mind is apart of who I am, and I like who I am!

Lets hear a little bit about me and what I like to do

I enjoy spending a lot of my time playing games on my PC. My current favorite is Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4). I prefer to use a mod in GTA4 which is a Liberty City Police Department: First Responce (LCPD:FR) mod.smiley - bluelight

It's basically a mod that allows you to play as a police officer, solving crimes in Liberty City, taking down bad guys and dealing with traffic offenses etc, it's really quite fun.

My problems all started with my early education. I went to a school for mentally disturbed teachers. I always arrived late at the school, but I made up for it by leaving early.
I do most things online, but you can't buy love on eBay. My opinions have changed over the years, but not the fact that I'm right. I don't take life seriously, simply because I know the fact that no body gets out alive.Who says nothing is impossible ?

I was born and raised in Manchester in England, and moved to Tipton, thats in the westmidlands! And no! I'm not a Yam Yam or a brummy, even though I've picked up some of the lingo.. haha.

Well I don't really know what else to say, so I'll leave it there for now. Thanks for popping by, and don't forget to say hi! :D

If you're pretty new to H2G2, like I am, you will definitely benefit from the following pages! I spent a lot of time reading them before I even signed up, just because I like to have a little bit of know-how before I dive into shark infested waters. Seriously, check these out!

The Don't Panic Help Centre
The H2G2 Tour
The GuideML Clinic



You can find more info about H2G2 here

And my current favorite place to lurk is Ask H2G2.

There's loads more I could link you to that helped me, but if you speak with the ACE that welcomes you, they can help you way more than I can :D


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