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I'v been inspired to write about tennis, I have submitted it to the Post but have missed he deadline for the next edition, so it won't be in there until 8th June. Thought I'd post it here in the meantime as it sorptive makes more sense to read it while the french open is on.


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Musical oddities

For some reason, when I get songs going round on the internal jukebox in my head, I sometimes change the place names in the lyrics.

Previously, this has included Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen becoming Blundellsands, the Clash's Guns of Brixton becoming Guns of Flixton and right now I have Moxy Fruvous' River Valley in there as Ribble Valley.

doss this happen to anyone else or am I just weird?

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My favourite song

My favourite song is a variae thing. It can depend on my mood, the time of year, the weather, what I've heard recently, his drunk I am but, right now, on the bus home from my local real ale bar, my favourite song is currently playing on my phone and it is:

I Don't like Mondays by Tori Amos

It probably won't be my favourite song by this time tomorrow.

Is anyone else like this? Does your favourite song vary? Or am I just weird?

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North American Vacations

I have been on holiday to the USA a lot. And I mean A LOT!

Trying to remember them all, I come to:

Dec 2002: Boston
Aug 2006: New York and Chicago
Sep 2007: New York
June 2008: Philadelphia
Sep 2008: New York
March 2009: Raleigh
Sep 2009: New York
April 2010: Washington, DC
Sep 2010: New York
May 2011: Chattanooga (with a night in Atlanta)
Jan 2012: New York
April 2013: Chicago
Sep 2013: Atlanta
May 2014: Milwaukee (with a night in Chicago)

So, as you can see, I like holiday in the US, and am particularly fond of New York. The reason for all the September dates in the list is that my birthday is 10th September, and for my birthday I like to take myself off stateside for a relaxing holiday and a bit of baseball.

But this year, i've beens trudging to decide where to go. Thought about going back to NY, but had this itching to go somewhere new. But a lot of the places I'd like to go to, I can't fly direct to from my local airport (Manchester), and I don't really fancy changing planes this time.

So i found myself perusing the Manchester Airport website looking for direct flights. They have a map where you can filter destinations by continent, so i chose North America and, having poked around a little and done some research, I think I'm going to break with tradition.

After all these US holidays, I'm going to go to Canada for the first time. Toronto, to be precise. My birthday happens to coincide with the Toronto International Film Festivals, and with a Blue Jays v Cubs baseball series. It looks like a pleasant place, lots of museums, galleries, a decent public transport system, I'm sold.

Toronto, here I come! (In two months time)

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My new favourite Christmas song.

Well ok, maybe not. My favourite Christmas song is probably still fairy tale of New York, but my internal jukebox has on heavy rotation a song I had never heard of until yesterday. It's based on a German drinking song. It sounds like a polka. It lists US presidents as santa's reindeer and it's sung by bob Dylan.

It's called "Must Be Santa" and it's here:

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