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Dr Anthea - ah who needs to learn things... just google it!

smiley - okHello and <./>welcome</.> to h2g2.
I'm An Assistant Community Editor (or <./>ACE</.&gtsmiley - winkeye for h2g2. It's my job to
welcome you to the site and hopefully show you around a little.

h2g2 is a living, breathing guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, and it's
something YOU can take part in.

You can write entries on all manner of subjects, and if it's something you think would look good in our Edited Guide (where all the best research goes), you can submit it to Peer Review Take a look at the <./>writing-guidelines</.> for more information on that. smiley - smiley! smiley - laugh

H2G2 isn’t as complicated as it first looks just <./>dontpanic</.> smiley - winkeye
Why not take the <./>dontpanic-tour</.> ? smiley - runsmiley - bus

On H2G2 their are many <./>smileys</.> you can find a list
by clicking on the link above or you could just click on any smiley - smiley

You will probably want to jazz smiley - disco up your page so A690518 covers all you need to know. But many find that A1095220 is very helpful as wellsmiley - cupcake

Check out rocket man’s useful links hear A725500
This is Felsor’s Hints and links for new researchers A719840 where lots of nice pages and friendly researchers may be foundsmiley - applausesmiley - somersault

if you wish to meet other researchers come to the united friends at A703126 theirs lots to see and do on h2g2 just don’t forget your smiley - towelsmiley - nahnah

you might want to click on A909010 where explanations on how to use the more friendly background plain skin are provided, smiley - ojsmiley - cheesecake

It is also a good idea to check <./>thepost</.> a new edition every Thursday, where you may find many wonderful Stories, Cartoons, Poems and much more! smiley - thepostsmiley - angel

Click this link <./>RandomEditedEntry</.> though where it goes nobody knows It is a great way to see around the site. smiley - artistsmiley - evilgrin
So I hope I can be of help in the future feel free to reply to this message and ask me any questions that you have about the site. smiley - dontpanicsmiley - roflsmiley - cheerup

If your interested in RPGs h2g2 has many arias where you can take on a different character with abilities and skills, even a name of your own picking. Check A2994988 for a short list of such arias and join in anything you want to, there all good places to start mostly with a friendly atmosphere.

Happy Hitchiking smiley - cheers

P.S. If when looking around the site you see your nickname on another researchers page and you are wondering why its there, fear not this is a tag in Guide ML called the which allows those viewing the page to see there nickname there, its different for every researcher and no-one can tell that you have been onto there space unless you leave a message for them. smiley - ghost

smiley - doctorAnthea ( A1123372 – the Assassins Guild) smiley - thiefsmiley - vampire

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