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I interrupt this page to urge you to click on the following link and sign the petition it takes you to, to Save the Albatrosses. These magnificent birds are marked for extinction, entirely as a result of our species' fishing methods. They won't be around for much longer unless we do something to stop the annihilation quickly, so sign the Albatross Petition

I've had a look at some other researchers' home pages and I'm impressed to the point of feeling intimidated. Lucky this isn't a competition, because I couldn't compete. It isn't a competition is it? That would be like one of those nightmares where you're having an exam you didn't know you'd signed up for, you haven't got your pen or your calculator, you're half an hour late and you're unfamiliar with the subject smiley - doh

That just about sums me up. Daft and insecure. And I used to be yellow before I was Shorn. What else do you need to know?

Oh yes. This is what I look like when my plumage is allowed to grow smiley - chick Who's a pretty canary?

... well, actually, I'm not a chick anymore but someone seems to have stolen my most recent 'photo while h2g2 was on enforced holiday (can't blame them - it was a beautiful picture). So here's a picture of one of my cousins, just to give you a very rough idea of what I look like. British pigeons

canary photo

Now you've read something tedious, so it's time to perk yourself up, give yourself a treat and go and see something interesting: The H2G2 Natural History Museum - enjoy!

The H2G2 Natural History MuseumMoose

Natural History Museum LogoYou can find me in the H2G2 Natural History Museum run by Amy the Ant.

And lastly but by no means leastly, I've done a Guide Entry which has been recommended for the actual Edited Guide. If you love birds and especially if you love birds and you have cats, please go and read it. It's called Wild birds and domesticated cats. Thank you for taking the time smiley - ok

Choose a bird articleBirdwatchingWild Birds and Domesticated CatsBritish PigeonsThe Osprey in the UKCuckoosAmerican CrowsMarabouKeasPitohui BirdsCanada GeeseRSPB Leighton Moss, LancsThe UK's Ruddy Duck ProblemSands of Forvie, ScotlandBirdlife in Sydney, AustraliaGannets Galore, New ZealandHawk MountainFalconryWildlife GardeningThe Peace Crane
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