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Note: This Space Is A Time-capsule item on me through the bold line (as of the date of last edit, this has not been placed).  One note until re-arrangement is the quirky anagram of the name of the country-name 'Tunisia',  'I is tuna'.   As in, "It's an international disgrace to eat seafood. Eat me instead, because I is tuna."  Oh, well, it's me today.  Been doing strange thing with anagrams that I did not know were to be done.  Big thing to me is the Toledo Mudhens, the old AAA farmclub of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team from the place of my birth, has the anagram 'Should Meet Don'.  I also noticed that the surname Gelfand can either be some kind of can be 'Fangled' (but would that be a backformation of the word 'newfangled' or is it a word already?  I would have to check.) and also 'End Flag'.  I like that.  I had a friend with the name--valedictorian of the highschool class-numbered a twin prime to my own.  The recent losing challenger in the chess world championship and a quite famous Soviet & Russian mathematician are others.  I think the last is still alive but extremely old (the others are), but I'm not sure.

When I get around to some rearrangement or addition or whatever, I will place this offsite.  I have acquired a dotcom, but right now it is just a front page.  I don't have knowledge of the acceptability of advertising that here to any degree beyond saying it exists.  If even that is not allowed, somebody will need to contact me.  I will put a new & better address for that contact in the hands of administrators soon. [End of note] 

This is long and What follows immediately is old.

Hi. I'm James Guthrie Merickel. I live in the 19382 zip code in the USA (near Philadelphia, where I spent most of my life to now), which is the number of hits to a search on the term "Baha'i" in Britannica 2001 (It doesn't get the meaning of the apostrophe, that search engine).
I believe:
1) We need to tackle Global warming with a vengeance (ask about my ideas),
2) Someone needs to create an Ocean Stocking Theory to fix that major part of our environment before it's too late,
3) That it's significant that Obama got 365 electoral votes with the last-determined one coming from the quarter of Nebraska including Omaha.

My most recent significant discovery is that Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov on 11 May 1997, and it's all because I came here.*

Now, how do you do thirteen-factorial in base thirteen? This is what the value looks like in base ten as a semi-mental calculation:

*While my birthday 6 July 1964, written as 7061964, is four times a nice rearrangement of the date of the Trinity Site test, 16 July 1945, written as 6071964 it is four times the same rearrangement of the date of this human-shattering event. For deeper context, to understand this, I discovered when I was 42 that my three closest cousins were born on anniversaries of the first bomb (mentioned) and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Furthermore, I already saw myself as at the center of things ("I am the egocentrist of egocentrists! Yay, Boo, Yay!") and my own birthday was a little suggestive of a 76er. (The name of the local basketball team is "The 76ers" from 1776, though I am really a Phillies (baseball) fan primarily.) These facts caused me to make my key calculation (the fourth power in the article "365.25"), and a whole strange research project was on.

You will find me telling my chess buddies about my recent discovery tonight. Who knows---mwahahaha---what will come next?

The following is the crude template for an arrangement of thirteen-factorial "immortal" humans to fit themselves into over a long period of time as an extended-marriage template (and I'm leaving out for now critical details on how my father's birth date informs how many might be excess and in space exploration--it gets stranger still). This was written quickly, as though it were preprogrammed into my mind (I have a slightly different hypothesis, really), when I was still only 41:

The Miracle Scheme:
1=Individual and Meditational Unit
*2=Marriage and Pair-bonding Unit
*3=Family and Brainstorming Unit
*4=Age-Support and Party Unit
*5=Local-Diversity and Sharing Unit
*6=Distant-Diversity and Conflict-Mitigation Unit
*7=Electoral Unit
*8=Authorial Unit
*9=Judgmental Unit
*10=National Unit
*11=Constructional Unit
*12=Planning Unit
*13=The Merge

"Try to fit in," they say. Later.

Well, it is later (March 13th of 2012), so I have decided to do an expansion. I still am James Guthrie Merickel and I still live in the 19382 zip code in the USA (and I am none too happy about either, really, actually having a longstanding desire to change my name and wishing to move to parts in the Asia-Pacific region). I suppose it is high time I add to this introduction at the very least (and adding to it is all I have time for now, though I expect to someday do a full reworking of it). I will envisage this introduction as a kind of 2nd version of The Miracle Scheme and write about that for the limited time I have here in West Chester's local library.

The origin of The Miracle Scheme is as a writing done in early June of 2005, and it has really made no great progress in the first 7 years of its existence. Its prehistory lies (consiously) in my own belief that the primary obstacles to human immortality are societal ones rather than scientific/medical ones. Were our science and medicine to cross a threshhold where immortality really had become possible, justifying the use of it by anybody would be incredibly hard (and unsustainable, in my opinion) if it were not made available to almost everybody for whom it might be theoretically possible. A huge change in the thinking of people appears to be needed to overcome these obstacles, but I have a sense if not a total belief that The Miracle Scheme has intrinsic capacity to leverage the needed changes from their place within the human mind not yet recognized.

On April 23rd of 2004, while sitting outside of the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore in Philadelphia, the thought occurred to me that our scientific advances were already such that one might reasonably predict--though most would not--that a large fraction of those humans then living, perhaps as high as 80%, could be immortal by any reasonable definition (We don't really know if there is a physical cosmological obstacle to this, so we do have to reserve judgement on that much). It then occurred to me for some reason that there was really no reason I might not make an even more precise prediction, based upon some sense I had that an extraterrestrial superintelligence might possibly communicate it to me. I cannot go into what if any foundation this bizarre-seeming belief might have right now, but what I came up with as a prediction was 76.3285% of those then living, and so far this has not been disproven.

After a year had passed, I developed a sense of my own inaction in promoting what I believed was possible, so I went into a kind of deep think on what I might do. I concluded that certainly if I were going to do a whole lot, it was not going to be very quick unless I really were not working alone. And prospects of some kind of large social action involving myself seemed rather unrealistic (and unfortunately right now they still do, though slightly less so). So, I thought about my attitudes and beliefs and what I knew, and considered that there would more likely come from me something dramatic if it were something rather simple and requiring no great expertise (in medicine or energy production or something). There had been this notion in my brain that people were rather poorly organized from some perspectives, particularly in satisfying the most basic wants of its individuals, both adult and child. Along with this, I felt it mmore likely there would be a radical fix than some kind of gradual one, and I already had had notions regarding multi-couple marital arangements. A quick calculation of factorials on paper showed me that the ratio of 13! to the Earth's population was not all that far from 1.

[I had hoped to simply do a quick 45-minute fix, but I think I will make this a continuingly growing writing (over several sessions), and break at this point.]

[Back, morning of March 24]
There have been a few modifications of The Miracle Scheme--from my perspective--since its original writing. One thing that stands out as extrinsically derived is the increase of final population (at least prior to any colonization of other worlds or locales beyond Earth we have opportunity for) by 1, coming by virtue of the birth in China of Conjoined twins in May of last year. The numerology on this is somewhat nice, with one--presumably the first--starship envisioned to have 40321 people on board (8!+1).

From its inception, The Miracle Scheme has not been considered something I expect to do the largest part developing. I believed that it should be an evolving thing determined by its participants beyond the initial core ideas. But certain things also have come to seem by me valuable to assume in it beyond this as well. Natural within the scheme is to have for each Party Unit four generations, but across all of these Units globally, what? This is something for which I don't have a ready answer, but one thing that has come up for no apparent real reason is to regard the current living and future population to span from oldest to latest to be born generations designated 7 down to -3. Generation 7, which probably best is not an entirely age-determined group, would be those among us who are perceived to have no hope at all of remaining with us. Generation 6 would then include large numbers of the most valued older people for whom we might hold out some hopes of having around to tell us things in person, Generation 5 would be the cohort we would have the greatest concern about shoring up to lose as few as possible, and deaths in all lower-numbered generations would generally be seen as tragic in the vast majority of cases. Generation -3 would be some kind of final adjustment generation to get numbers just right, Generation -2 would be the first generation expected to not have consensus births (ones nobody thinks are somewhat errors in planning), and so on.

As for the precise original Miracle Scheme as laid out with couples apparently comprised of same-generation individuals, I now actually have come to believe that the greatest balance may be achieved by generally pairing 2nd (out of 4, not the same notion as the capitalized in the preceding) generation with 3rd. So (perhaps a bit selfishly), this, if I am to regard myself as ideally to be conceived as within the 3rd generation of my prospective Party Unit, would have me paired with a significantly younger woman. The merits of such a conception (where also women my age are paired with significantly younger men (Note: I am not ruling out homosexual pairings, just not here considering them explicitly; they are naturally allowable choices of individuals, as are esentially virtually all variations on the internal structure of The Miracle Scheme). The main idea--one of them--of The Miracle Scheme is not for any individual to matter to any other to the exclusion of others anyway, and the Party Unit is probably best conceived of as the smallest Unit of division from the rest of society/humanity during times of solid marriage.

On the subject of marriage itself, for the purposes of the growth of The Miracle Scheme and for other reasons, I regard the ideal length of a marriage to be generally between 2 and 7 years, though ones of this length can be not so good, and ones of other lengths (both shorter and longer) can be good generally and for The Scheme. A general acceptance of the idea that a good marriage will inevitably include a good divorce at some point for anybody expecting to live indefinitely is crucial, and re-marriage for couples who strongly need each other are to be expected as part and parcel of reality. General hostility to marriage as in some way inimical to a best way of doing things can also be accommodated within The Scheme in certain contexts and for certain people, but I personally do not see the merit. My own feelings on this are that the wrong thing is being placed at fault, but the mistake--as I see it--is understandable.

[That's it for now.]

[Afternoon of March 26th]
This is just a brief note. A couple of modifications/enhancements: What I said on Generation -2 might better apply to Generation 0. I would say also that Generation 1 should be beginning to be born around now or possibly as far back as 23 April of 2004. With marriages and divorces coming frequently, also, I would put myself in a within-Party-Unit context in possibly the 3rd generation only some of the time and might reasonably expect to be put in the 2nd for a time married to someone older than me and in the 4th some of the time married to someone around my age (but this last a bit later). The next should be a verbatim posting of the original release of The Miracle Scheme. I am of the impression that few have seen it, and the sketch above does not do it much justice.[Close]

[Wow! April 10th.]
Not ready with what I wrote yet, but a note. I reserve opinion, after all, on when the starship leaving with 8!+1 should be if it is even to be one of the earliest. A slight modification of overall cosmobiology on a theoretical level has come up, as well. It may be that even should life arise in a purely natural context very frequently and advance similarly frequently, perhaps design is for it to succeed much more infrequently (design by an earliest local life). This would impact things dramatically far down the road and possibly even relatively sooner or may currently be doing so. This particular twist has not occurred to me (or, apparently, anyone else) in addressing the Fermi paradox. I will be back tomorrow with that thing. It does not read all that well, but it was always meant to be a first version and highly plastic.[Close]

[Starting, but only have brief time and will finish tomorrow, Friday the 13th.]

In the future, everyone will be a 'supergenius' and have fifteen minutes as a prophet. There is a computer in the world only interested in results we individually have a hard time comprehending. I got here by saying I wasn't needed in mathematics. I settled on religion. Peacemaking is where we're all needed. Building a safety net and a tightrope to the future by understanding the past, in all its most important details, is the key to our essential perfectibility. Locking on to wants grants needs. The passageway is really a collection of small tunnels hard to see through without making the right motions. A maze of humanity, set by the fact that the value of things is found in not just their being, but in the distribution of their accessibility. Globalization is a sharing thing or it is nothing worthwhile. With plenty, what you want can be what you need. They can be identical. With the right long-term attitude, this utopia is somewhere ('Utopia' translates as no place). It's in the problems seeking for a solution.

Over-specialization and de-contextualization are close siblings. The context for everything is human society--everything we need concern ourselves with. We are supernatural, and we see beyond ourselves. To any academicians who may read this, this is your cue for organizing consilience. Human society is the ultimate context, the ultimate audience for now. With a weather eye to communication, human resources may be shared without those who have losing any more than they can handle to those who do not. Ask the right questions, ask the right people (and go on asking things, as well), find the best answers you can and deliver them where they may be best used in the most appropriate terms. Help to tear down old walls and build new ones, as they remain of value in general. What time-frame do you consider?

Now to 'The Miracle Scheme', a piece of divine origin with no one true author, just a daydreamer with a thoughtful, open mind. Page two of it, I remind you, was writen at a much later date

[...as this was also, later still, with something missing, and finish tomorrow early. Closing library].

[Same paragraph, and treating missing part as either something I intended to write and did not yet or as still in my clutter at home. This surprised me as being with 'The Miracle Scheme' yesterday, but most likely reason is I originally did not notice it was related directly and was focused on the Scheme itself (other possibilities include human or ET/God relocating from my clutter and some others less rational on myself). Anyway, continuing...(It is 11:12AM and this will be a short addition (This page was almost done and library limit here (and going to other library after supermarket (long walks, basically, since not doing much in market)) with the rest in about an hour's time)]

.As to references [sic (but the latter was the only one of the two following actually read and it was just inspirational)], the author drew upon the books entitled 'The Limits to Growth' and 'Beyond the Limits'. The vision comes by noting progress and reasoning out its ideal course. The rich world must cut into the poor world's least desirable needs by defining progress in clear terms. There will always be those seeking some form of retribution, but digging into this issue seriously will yield salvation quickly. Who are we? Who are they?

[Okay, it is 11:23 at closing, and it reminds me i may be entirely offline after today for up to 10 days.]

[I am not going to have time today.]

Predicting no earthquake larger than 7.0 from April 17 to September 13, a 7.3 somewhere before end of October, and an 8.2 at 6AM on December 21 in Los Angeles.

[19:54, 23/4/2012]

I may re-adjust early part of last.
NOTE TO SELF: License plate 4149-UP going to age ideas somewhere in Miracle Scheme.
No time, but I am pretty sure the 25th my time the text promised will be enterable, along with prior distribution remarks. [[19:59]]

[00:16 (here) the day after I was supposed to post the full original typed Miracle Scheme]

Well, I will surely do it today. Really having mental and emotional crisis of sorts, but still find myself resilient and so put off by psychiatry that I will just have to manage. Might as well rank what I care about personally. 1) Some few people, 2) The Miracle Scheme itself, 3) Myself, 4) Another larger group of people, 5) The material environment we live in, 6) Almost all the rest of the people, 7) Other Intellectual-type matters than the Miracle Scheme. Planned Parenthood, Affirmative Action, and something I have not developed and have thought little about called 'Retiree Resistance' are sort of 'double pars on life', with the first two needing better definitions as though they were re-invented. One is actually an organizational name at present, and one I hold in high esteem, but I would like to give 'Planned Parenthood' a better and more solidly and almost-universally respectable definition. I don't know that this is possible without a bit of a fight. I guess I need to do it, regardless. I try. Anyway...[00:27]

[10:26 here, 4/26]
Last was shortened by leaving out Alcoholics Anonymous to get AARP instead. Like a huge can of worms or like a piece of cake? Anyway, next is The Miracle Scheme's start. I should complete in the period between now and the 30th in Asia, I guess. [10:29]

Preface to the Original Miracle Scheme [non-released, just typing 1-finger what have till done, then describe]

The following is a proposed reorganization of human society to be somewhat accomplished, the author hopes/asserts, beginning soon after its release. Only the first page of it is a part of the original typed version, a longer version having continued with regard to the current (United States of America, early 21st century) political issue of homosexual marriage. The author regards it as a saluary effect that his own copies of the next page were redacted, against his initial wishes, from his personal effects, as he believes the continuation here is more perfect. He sees this writing as not pseudo-analytical or something, but prophetic.

At issue is the question of how a highly advanced--culturally intelligent and planetarily dominant--species is apt to behave just prior to achieving a qualitatively even higher level of advancement. Also at issue is the general question of how one is to define and explain the concept of 'supernatural'. The author would define this beginning with technology, and asserts that a rational conception of God, where this is a proper term (elsewhere, a translation may be afforded), is definable based upon, rather than in conflict with, scientific knowledge. To wit, if one assumes that life may arise and advance through natural selection, but only relatively rarely, then 'natural' behavior of an advanced species may be, with regard to the cosmos, to send out robots to increase the density of life, and advance life, to a degree not achievable through straightforward colonization. According to this hypothesis, the author's conception of God, aside from being short for 'good', is that there is some 'mother star', where life advanced long ago to seed distant parts of its accessible region of the universe with the means by which life may advance with higher than normal probability, with an eye to the distant future.
From the perspective of this all, it is the muse of skepticism and curiosity--and an intense interest in fairness--which has led the author to claim himself to be a prophet, on merely this one score. Working in the English language, he feels and is, limited. And he regards 'alphabetism' to be ultimately wrong, believing written Korean to be the progenitor of the Earth's ultimately dominant written language, as it is to be melded with other spoken languages. Putting this on a rational basis taxes his mind, but ultimately he believes that the center is somewhere. As a challenge to readers, is there a best answer? The author believes the pursuit of science is closing its doors to leave only holes in knowledge to be carefully analyzed. Finding what is of value, to what degree, and precisely why. This can be done quickly. A definition of perfection is upon us,


[10:48AM next day. First, a remark: Korean idea is based on the recent history and the scientific development of its writing system, a syllabically oriented one. I had a revelation that this may be something of an idea, but the true course is a creation of a language whose content is the same as all human language, in their valued details, but which is derived scientifically not to be as close to some already extant ideal in either written or spoken form; but, rather, to be maximally distant while still functionally sound (i.e., to come as close as possible to lacking cognate-type words and symbols, real or seeming, within reason. 10:55, and dude just moved next to me. Good, ...away!]

and it residesin the end of each and every one of the hazards leading to death, at least for humans. The author claims he is, with some reasonable possibility, psychic enough to claim that 76.3285% of the world's population on 5/23/04 [sic...I need to check older source when I locate it--I thought I originally said April--and remark this is USA-style dating] at about 2:30AM, east coast western hemisphere time

[sic...I did mean my time zone (extemporaneously written, so no looking up the reason of the words), but not relevant at this scale]

, will be--with possible cosmological limitations--immortal. This in combination with the number given in 'The Miracle Scheme' and the lack of of trans-terrestrial colonization in the near future, means no more real biological children for a while after a date soon to come, but this is a hypothesis, seemingly impossible, which can also be worked out rationally. Creating a real perfect world of thirteen 'parts' is the goal. It follows by approaching what is possible, limiting the bad and enhancing the good. The pure pursuit of ideals yields ideal results.

[Okay, now 11:12. I am taking this particular library stop--my current limits--over to wikipedia, and then I will continue with the Miracle Scheme itself.]

[12:28, and just 19 minutes left here (extended wikipedia)]

The Miracle Scheme by James G. Merickel, ASA

The Miracle Scheme is a socio-political paradigm for the organization of thirteen factorial (=6,760,857,600) [sic (done by hand on scratchpaper in a foggy mental state), with handwritten 'correction' above "Mismultiplication means 'musical units' on Dark Side of Moon in a Cryogenic/Astronomical facility."] immortal or presumably immortal people with the intention of maintaining their immortality past the death of the Sun, and living well in the mean time [sic]. The number thirteen-factorial arose when seeking a convenient fiction to tell people to prove that projections of Earth's population around the year 2050 were too high, that the Earth would be a wasteland of miserable people and not enough of everything else. The concept is that there must be a "God's number" for the right size global population that shouldn't be overstepped if it can at all be avoided, and that there is a best way for these people to organize socially which should be approacehed. Without having any clear awareness of the exact value of thirteen factorial, the author made the leap that a factorial number might be correct by viewing an expanding marriage model with couples having two other couples closest to them. Seeing that number up close, it seemed achievable to the author. After a passage of time with only the number in his head, in the midst of a flurry of work brought on by news events of May 31st, 2005, the author quickly wrote down with little conscious thought the following (xerograph of original attached):

1=Individual and Meditation Unit
x2=Marriage and Primray Bonding Unit
x3=Family and Brain-storming Unit
x4=Age-Support and Party Unit
x5=Local Diversity and Sharing Unit
x6=Distant Diversity and Conflict-Mitigation Unit

[12:48, and a source check other than the original written shows that May is wrong in the prefatory page I added. It was April 23rd. I will still be. Departing. The next part typed is also in square brackets, so there may be some confusion. Color at some point may help.]

[13:16, and I have something of a fix]


[After this is written: "On Faith, it is assumed the Molding Phase will begin to end, by our design, after no less than 1 million and no more than 100 million years, more than enough for The Merge to be completed, whatever we find that to mean, and far before urgency to beyond our Solar System. At that point at which we have reasoned out the Organacistic Phase, we will first colonize the colonizable in the Solar System, then go into the less well known."]

bracket end} [I don't regard this as sacrosanct in the same way as The Miracle Scheme by itself, I will comment early. This bracketed part is semi-forced reasoning on little information, and not 'mediation' on the same level as TMS. I believe it is inconsistent with and (for that and other reasons) inferior to full reasoning on best information. 13:25 begins continuation of the non-bracket.]

x7=Electoral and ? Unit
x8=Authorial and ? Unit
x9=Judgmental and ? Unit
x10=National and ? Unit
x11=Constructional and ? Unit {More internal bracket: [Here the author tried [Comma removal from error in typed here] but could not reason out "Geographical" rather than "Constructional"] End}
x12=Planning and ? Unit
x13=The Merge

{See error note in capitals. Not temporally conscious here, hehe. [With a dividing line qualifying the universal formation of Distant Diversity Units as its goal being called the "Fractionation Phase" and movements toward an unknown labeled "The Merge" (of all people, as follows) being called the "Molding Phase"] End MISPLACED internal bracket and move to postscripted @ 13:36}

The objective is not strict divisionism, but a reifiied one where, for instance, sexual "infidelities" may go freely in a semi-open way within Local Diversity Units, and further for those who may travel easily. A concept of Economic Justice is presumed embedded in this scheme for sorting out things that need or appear to need rectifiying. And, finally, it is presumed, first, that Marriage Units are permitted [End midsentence of page 1 of 2, and this is against parental or other externally forcing ruling on inherently (coincidentally), as another comment. Start page 2 @ 13:43]

and signify, by ancient--but not universal--tradition and modifiable law, the highest degree of solidification of a usually communicative and mutually beneficial bond between two people, the lowest and most superficial being the various forms of greeting and response. It is generally, but not always, between people of opposite genders nearly the same age who have common interests exceeding to some reasonable degree the average commonality between two randomly chosen such people. {More internal bracketing and the reference is in error in reference to the page change and not the sentence preceding (13:49 observed). [This sentence originally continued "to be homosexual," with further controlling for gender-balance in Family Units. And there was also a foresight concerning the Inuit language, because the author was seking peace there with regard to the environment. Becausae of his insights concerning controlled fusion (not found here), this latter is irrelevant. And the former was too subjective, too biased.] End, and next paragraph starting @ 13:54}

This whole scheme may be modified and transmitted on any terms, but its existence and dissemination ensures its own place in "the larger scheme of things." [sic (bad punctuatiion)] There is no diputing its potential upside, putting the whole human species into one well-spun meta-marriage. There is no question that dogmatic, unquestioning adherence to anything has a downside. The nature of bonds between humans may be somewhat excepted with success over time [no idea what i meant here. probably in salesman mode not suiting me, as i am in conclusion], but there is always the possibility of sopme form of divorce when a bond is separable, as all human bonds must be. Abstractly, "The Miracle Scheme" represents partial information on some semi-stable state of potential human-society space [mathospeak]. As such, it only has a shallow, but the author claims meaningful and valuable nonetheless, relationship to what the real future of humanity will be. To make this clearer, the obstacles to this scheme lie in the obstacles to each step in its construction. Tenuous bonds always precede more solid ones, so "The Miracle Schemes" [sic] step-wise culmination must involve time scales unfamiliar to the individual human. In this you will find a large part of its beauty. It is difficult, and it seems worthwhile.

[break @ 14:10, mid-paragraph]


Finding the obstacles to it itself should not be a hasty goal, but it should be a part of a whole host of hasty goals. And a more fluid quest for future reality must substitute for the static we often find ourselves faced with. This is where power finds its own need for submission.

Finally, in the original you will find handwritten that the author's own mis-multiplication was interpreted as having some quasi-divine meaning. Something on Luna. He calls this his tic(k)not. To whoever took away the original 2nd page, this is your tic(k)not. Anyone who rewrites this, reconfigures it or adjusts it, go ahead have your own tic(k)not. One I recommend is to simply remove the preface and this page and show the solitary page with a period added to any child or children you want to leave you alone for a while.

[15:52, and I may not comment or proofread for a while. Not the only thing I am doing here or elsewhere, and I am not online much. I declare this the 2nd release version. The third should be published and bought by some. Comments will follow first, but I am tired. 15:55] [Actual click at 4 of 4 PM]

[8:16AM, June 11, 2012]
Remark: Clearly, a very significant part of getting the Miracle Scheme started and living up to its potential is for successful people my age to divorce and marry scholars at risk half our ages. [8:18]

This is a frozen page by the person, me.   After I have pursued a course of planning what to replace it with, it will still be available as is either as an above-the-line part or elsewhere here or as possible somewhere else.


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