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Monument in London

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Florida Sailor Back From Havana, Cuba

I Just saw a link to the h2g2 Entry about the monument to the Great Fire.

This reminded me of the monument we visited next to St Paul's. Curiosity got the better of me so I did a quick search

This also explains the nearby statue of the Home Guard Firefighters.

It brought back some fun memories so I thought I would share it you

I hope all is well in Moscowsmiley - smiley

smiley - cheers

F smiley - dolphin S

Monument in London

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Aha! A ventilation shaft! Well there you go. Deary me. A faked old sqaure. London has it all.

Funnily enough I was also thinking about our saunter across London, because they have just about finished pedestrianising Moscow, and I was thinking how much nicer walking around London would be if they just did the same...

Monument in London

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Florida Sailor Back From Havana, Cuba

Just read your last Kidding blog, about the Belfast Zoo. Herself has a little brother! You must tell me about him if you ever get back here.

F smiley - dolphin S

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Monument in London

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