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Sol and NaJoPoMo 2015

So here we are on November the 1st again, regular as clockwork.

The big news from the last year is that we moved back to Moscow. Well, I say 'we'. Actually it's just me and the kids right now as B is back in the UK sorting out things. Mostly, getting a gas meter moved, which would have been a month's worth of very ranty posts all by itself, except that it got sorted, finally, on Friday, so you may all be spared. Be very thankful about this.

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Brilliance in Blogging and Kidding Herself

So every year one of the biggest UK blogging networks, Britmums, runs one of the biggest blogging awards, the BiBs or Brilliance in Blogging.

And this year I have decided to throw Herself's hat into the ring.

This means I need nominations, which are actually more like votes. I've explained more about it here:

It's a bit of a faff, as they ask you to choose your favourite post, and say something about why Kidding Herself is so fabulous and full of awesome, but I would be very grateful if some of you wouldn't mind doing it.

Call it a vote for h2g2, as I do try to promote the site a bit as well. I expect that's a bit of a sop to my conscience given that I write the blog rather than entries these days.

I can do a deal? I am not too proud to do a deal. In return for nominations I will write not one but two entries. One on mummy blogging (it's all for research, see?) and the other on the attraction Herself has already written about of your choice.

Anyway. Here is the link to the Britmum's site direct.

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NaJoPoMo 2014: Sol

Day 1

So today we bought a new oven for £30. The old oven's door fell off. Plus, the temperature indicators have rubbed off which has made baking quite the adventure.

We bought it at a car boot sale. Once we bought everything at car boot sales (or just found it on the street - it's amazing what people throw out in London). These days we do not have the time - you need to be very dedicated to do that because, obviously, you can't predict when what you want will turn up. For example, it has taken us about a month to find this oven.

The oven actually works. Which is nice. It took us a little while to figure out how - why would you want an oven which has a setting for the fan without heat I would actually quite like to know.

We weren't too bothered if it didn't though, because the door of this oven fits the old oven. No they aren't the same model. Or make. But aesthetic concerns are really not a priority.

But since the new one is a bit cleaner than the old one, and, y'know, has all its own temperature markers, we will give it a good scrubbing and make some scones. If that works, we will keep it.

I foresee a wildly exciting last day of half term tomorrow.

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Things which I do not want to repeat.

Going to the funeral of one of my oldest friend's 18 year old daughter. I have never been closer to screaming in sheer rage at the universe than sitting surrounded by teenagers sniffing and staring at her ramrod straight back.

That is all.

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Have finally perfected this soup, so a note on what I did this time so I can do it again.

Make stock. Note to self, must try it with beef. I like lamb though.

Steep 8odd dried apricots/ prunes in a mug of boiling water.

Add tin of tomatoes to stock. Do not add tomato paste - it's too much.

Add the prune compot. Chop and add the prunes.

Add a teaspoon each of ground fenugeek and coriander seeds. Add two tspns of chilli/ cayenne pepper. Add 3 or 4 teaspoons of paprika. Add a generous teaspoon of that weird Russo-Georgian spice mix whose name escapes me.

Add fresh mint, fresh tarragon and fresh coriander leaves.

Add walnuts.

Add juice of 1 lime or half a lemon.

Simmer of a bit, let's say 30 mins.

Add half a mug of rice. When the rice is cooked it's ready.

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