The Guide is the Teacher

:-) Here we will share our Wisdom so we all can FEEL the knowledge instead of just knowing it. :-)
Remember these Words

"The greatest Teacher is the one who learns from those they teach"

"Completion lies on the path with many roads"

"To combat the Dark we only need to turn on the Light"

" May you always have Peace of Mind"
May there always be Love in your Heart"
And may the Light Of the Universe Shine
forever in your Soul"

Todays we say:
We are placed on this earth
To choose whom, we wish to be
We are tested, then Judged
And Spirit will set us free
Spirit always forgives,
There is no reason to delve
To be one with Spirit
We must first forgive ourselves


We place ourselves inside a prison with-in our mind
Constantly fighting to brake out.
Our jailer: Glutney
Our Judge: Envy
Our Jury: Vanity
Our Executioner: Guilt
Our Pardon: Love


:-P Also visit a Wonderful Friends Web site
She can guide and teach you much.
For she is truly a wise beautiful Person
and I have been blessed to have her as
a friend. Thank You Kat" > />
Visit my other favorite sites" > />" > />

More stuff to read a few poems I wrote

Midnight, pitting my soul,
Unforgotten acts locked inside
Closed in a empty room
Surrounded by nothing yet
Being attacked by all things.
Groped and clawed tearing
Flesh and shattering bone.
I will know that I have stood
Ground, and never gave in.

Einstein has realitivity,
And Newton has his law
But we as people still don’t walk
We’ve barely learned to crawl
Expand our views
Open our minds and
Take in all the news
For the time has come
For us to choose
To stand not run
Only then will we not

In nature the answer lies in the leaves, flowers and roots.
Listen and use the eye in your mind to hear the animals hoof
To be told to your face, in and out it goes
But when you close your eyes to see
You’ll absorb it through your ears and nose.
Skin deep is where your true senses lie
Your body will see, hear, touch and smell
Then we will change things here on earth
And remove the living hell…

Release the pain hidden deep within
Tears flowing cleansing our sins
Release the anger, hate and revenge
For spirit will serve justice, at the end

I know that the time is closing in on us and we have to make amends with those we have forgotten in the past. Just to say “you are still in my thoughts and prayers”. But is that enough? Just to say I miss you and think of you, give us a touch of love that we remembered when they were a part of us. The memories alone can pull a person from the deepest pit. Arms open wide to embrace and hold. To exchange energy and share a common feeling. The feeling of being loved. The word is so misunderstood. We as people find ourselves loving our plants, our homes, cars and boats etc. Our animal’s shows us love making us feel that we are needed. Our things, cannot,
but the energy exchange from a plant or an animal is so incredibly uplifting. All things give off energy, we just have to understand how to absorb it properly. If you feel anything at all in your Heart, then you are having a great day.

Illuminated from people and things you trust
Gives us a powerful feeling of need and love
Shared enlightenment should be a must.
Educate and guide those in need
But if you learn from them as well
Then will your soul be freed!

More to come on another day

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