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Growing a Beard Entry

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Hiya Shreck!

Hey, I was checking over entries about to go 'Edited' and ran across the one on beards. I really hate having missed this in PR; but, if these particulars were not mentioned in PR, perhaps you should ask the researcher about them before it 'goes to press'.

Initially, I wondered if this shouldn't be called something more like 'Growing Facial Hair' as it covers sideburns as well as beard hair, and with many beards there is no delineation.

[Moustache - These are the hairs that grow between his nose and his mouth.]
First: Not only men grow moustaches. Women sometimes have legitimate claims to the noun as well.
Second: 'between nose and mouth' is not entirely accurate because some grow outside the 'under nose' area with a nose-wide gap between halves: 'just above the upper lip' should probably be more accurate.

If it is going to tread into moustache area, it should perhaps be more inclusive. I did not notice any description resembling the Fu Manchu style, handlebar, pencil, or other styles of moustache.

Just hoping for a bit more completeness, but it always boils down to you working with the researcher.

Good Luck with this! smiley - ok

smiley - towel

Growing a Beard Entry

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SchrEck Inc.

Hi FT,

thanks for your comments - I'm going to ask the Eds in EF to make the small changes regarding the moustache description (I've already returned it and couldn't do the changes myself). smiley - smiley

Regarding the entry title and the additions for moustaches, it's perhaps best if you ask the author yourself. I don't think it's a good thing for a subeditor to change too much content...

SchrEck Inc.

Growing a Beard Entry

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SchrEck Inc.

Addendum: Leo (U519437) is the main author

Growing a Beard Entry

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Thanks, Schreky! smiley - ok

I guess I supposed you'd pass the comments on, if you felt them worthwhile; but I support your choice of actions. I'll be happy to copy them to Leo instead. smiley - biggrin

Take care,
smiley - towel

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