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<font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="pink"><b>_One fateful night-morning, while consuming old sushi appetizers
in my sleep (thanx Marie) and listening to the dulcet tones of
my beeper blasting ultrasound into my right ear every 10 minutes
on the... er... every ten minutes, this vital communication from
Xair invaded the chronosphere in the vicinity of this cheesy-[ol']
Babbage engine we call Sparky. Only the heightened reality-filter
that explodes into life when stuffing a tekkamaki roll/vitamin
E cocktail down one's throat, washed down with a judicious mixture
of lemonade and battery acid, can reveal the true import — and
horror — of the following. Read on with dread... <BR/>
BRI(tm)</b></font><b><font color="pink"> </font></b>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="white">
<hr noshade size="2" width="75%">
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_The androgynous nature of the long lost piece of marshmallow
fluff was, rather unfortunately lost in the adventures of Dabney
Coleman, and since it only takes a minute girl... to fall in love...
to fall in love, the loss was not utterly unapreciated. Despite
the former, nicolette has left Xair due to the illustrious throbbing
in her head. The manhandling of the banana, on the other side
of the fence, was lost in meigel's unmarked black gremlin. <BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_In accordance with the theory of Colemanism, and Gary's unneccesary
abuse of Dana, is based on red political brandishings, so having
said that i turn to the meshugana schmuck, who as we all know
is not the type to admit the propriety of little brother-ism and
will certainly deny affiliation with us if we are caught. Besides,
who doesn't suffer withdrawral after having been away from the
computer for more than a few moments on non-sequitorial life.
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_After the Lingering doubt, established by the theft of the firecrackers
from the fish's private abode, itchy was left with nothing to
do but look for girl don't come... but the problem is... the rest
are in Herp's room, so the point is null and void. <BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_After slowly losing Shirly in a dream, the numbness of sleep
proved overwhelming and the idea was lost for a short while, but
it's suprising what a little fuzzy navel can do. <BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_He looked at me and pronounced in Spanish, "so I removed the
ceiling fan and proclaimed him the son of Mars." He replied sheepishly,
"Why this is not the cornflake of yesteryear!" I felt bad for
lying to him, so I apologized and went on my merry way.Bravo,
your heart is in the right place, that is your shoes if your heart
were in your socks, i would have to clean the cat again and then
she would divorce me' was the only reply that could be mustard.<BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_A clean cat is a fancy field!<BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_Entertaining idea, death to an alligator over an insignificant
pain killer, but my query with the situation is, have you ever
been to the casba...after all the lack of cohesion attained by
the former leads directly (Yes, Directly!) to optimal maturbation
by god, after all how would Ed the Sock get his jollies. Also
of import is the fact that temporary liposuction of the beans
out of your body for deportation back to the moon is immeniently
plausible. The former only holds if you are withing the reach
of a Demodand of course, having spent the majority of the autumnal
equinox in hibernation. By the way, In case I forgot to mention
it, the Miami edition of the real world carries with it a pair
of green plaid pajamas that can store up to 64 pounds of jelly-beans.
So, after all is said and done all that is left to say is Glickenspiel<BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_Red denny's arms a kimball piano. Waterfall out of a trefoiled
again curses terran brother dfourth fifth sick of all your whining
and dining lish spanish sure you arbuckle made out of chris stall
for parsley ping pong water you looking attack tick-tock about
the whether or not you have anything to save bottles and cantonese
cooking with gasoline a little to the left over tuna casserole
it to you v w x y z?<BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_The empirical aquescience of the pseudo-daffadillian nature of
the alabaster shoulders placed firmly between the eyes of a green
devilbunny could most assuradly lead to the inflation of the price
of stamps which will imminently occur in Hostile Korea. <BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_39. Beer doesn't go crazy oncea month. <BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_It's been five years since I've been miniature golfing. But I
stayed up all night watching info-mercials. It's now 6:30am and
my friend is coming over at 9:00am to pick me up.</font></p>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_What? what the [he]ck, Chuck? where are you. liquid plum'r. liquid
plum'r. like nestle's quik. wesley rocks your world like a goddam
accident. he will [mo]ck you up like in a car crash. did you call
my house? what happened if you did? living? are you living? you
are afaitfp. rock over london, rock on chicago - blockbuster video:
wow! what a difference. this is the way it is here. [hugging]
a llama's [mom] like with a belt. this is a jam. the rock and
roll was perfect. blur...<BR/>
<p><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">_As for the jolly old elf, we all know he was no elf. He was nothing
more than a horny old gnome with a nose the size of jello, and
theres always room for jello in the astral conciousness, isn't
there. So in the end the meaning of life is... ushkjhgfska...
no, thats not it... ummm wait a moment, i know this one... I'm
sure of it... Oh yeah, catapillars are not the scourge of the
universe. And then theres the question of weather the chicken
or the egg came first, Garth Brooks knows that one... so if you
get a chance ask him, i'm sure he'd be happy to pull out your
kidneys with his god complex and tampon if you were to. After
the rain... where are you Nelson? Can someone please call me a
doctor, i'm not sure where i am anymore...<BR/>
_On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Wee Willie Winkie wrote:<BR/>
> So, I see you're smiling again,<BR/>
> monkey child... Having quite an orgy <BR/>
> with the lemurs, eh? Using their 5 foot<BR/>
> long vibrating tails to get off, I guess. Well,</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="blue">..................................</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">you<BR/>
> disgust me... It'll take more than a stringy tail to satisfy
> No, I've matured a bit since those days, experimenting<BR/>
> with mandrills and other particularly hostile<BR/>
> primates. These days, it's something a<BR/>
> little more meaty that satisfies my urges.<BR/>
> Drinking green tea out of the pouch of a <BR/>
> wallabee, running around buck naked in a<BR/>
> pack of wilsebeests, mastodon dung (grant-<BR/>
> ed, that's hard to come by)... But sex with long-<BR/>
> extinct animals isn't where it's at anymore... Just<BR/>
> watch TV and you'll see it... "Today on Geraldo, people<BR/>
> who've had sex with lawn chairs" or </font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="#0c8f07">"Tonight</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4"> on the<BR/>
> Larry King Show, Senatorial Candidate Luther <BR/>
> Stickipantz, who is lobbying for the full legalization<BR/>
> of sexual practices involving stump-grinders" or "Tonight<BR/>
> the New York Rangers battle the..." Oh, oops, sorry, wrong<BR/>
> channel, but you, yes, even you, of superior intelligence, surely<BR/>
> see my point, and I'll gladly stick it up your... Wait, no,
I won't<BR/>
> say that, I could make my hand jealous; and it'll spite me by
> me when I need it the most, like when I'm performing acupuncture
on</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4"><BR/>
> the grizzly bears. Ah here's a good one, an</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="blue">..........................................</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">infomercial<BR/>
> for the inflatable cow... Oh, sorry, that had<BR/>
> nothing to do with anything, did it? Well, I<BR/>
> guess it could, being breathable latex and all...<BR/>
> but I regress, and thus no longer possess the evo-<BR/>
> lutional capacities to continue </font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="pink">broadcasting</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="blue"> ...........................</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="black"><b>THE TRUTH....</b></font><b><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4"><BR/>
</font></b><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="4">> fevguuhwwoofgvyjiggyjflhdhdusdgsdfgdsgfcuyf...<BR/>
> fsdajhfsdagflsdcvblwblfhjfajkhsdflsahjkjfl<BR/>
> avflbriueyqgvoueryvb faeriyyyoaueyrvyvey<BR/>
> ghdfhhjeyjnhgdngfsjsfhyfgfgsbhcvhfjsjfgj<BR/>
> sfgjhfgbshnhsygfnhsgbstyysjnfgnhtynjyrtnjfg<BR/>
> srfbhfgshnfssfsfgrnhsrfnhrsbnfgfsbnsgtfnsnhn<BR/>
> sadfgsslartibartfarstdsvasdfbvdafbvdfabvdfvb<BR/>
> mjngfhgdnhfgdndfnfdnfdnndnfnfnfgnfdnfdng<BR/>
> dfngnfnfnfdgnfnfdghbfghbfghfdghfghfgh<BR/>
> dfgbnfgbndfbdf<BR/>
> dfnfgnfgnfndfnf<BR/>
> ndffnfnfnfgnffn<BR/>
_I have been greatly mistaken. I thought it was physically impossible
for children with no hands to disseminate material of such absolute
confusion. What a travesty of justice? there aren't anymore rabid
swedes in london. Where have they gone? Are they here or are they
there? I think I'm alone I 'd rather sleep in the lonely confines
of Javits 100 during Bio 152 than cum in your room at night when
the lights are off and no one was looking (not even you) I'm going
out tonight to kick some [llama] and I 'm going to get ripped
on untamed pheasant . there's no stopping the leprechauns in Denmark.
they aren't going to card you tonight not if you think too much
but why should they? I have just received a message from Santa.
He is no longer going to come to your house for the holidays.
I think its a good thing that I took that guy out back and put
a large .45 phallus between his eyes. How could you people love
him.? The man (or elf as he is sometimes referred to)was a pervert.
How did he know when you were sleeping and when you were awake?
He had to have been watching you the whole time as you methodically
took off your clothes one by one. The jerk monkey was suffering
from a boner the size (and shape) of Flordia while you innocently
undressed and prepared for bed. Did you ever not get a present
from him? I bet you it's been a long time since you have gotten
a present from him? Well think about it when's the last time you
remember doing ol' St. Nick a favor...?The old fart likes little
kids... he doesn't give adults presents. We start to even deny
his existence just so we don't feel duisappointed because he didn't
give us anything. I'm going to go to denver in an hour and I'll
come back when I have filled the valleys with the drano thats
dripping from the ceiling and burning a hole on my left nipple...good
_And no, I don't know.<BR/>


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