Yes that's the name I go by when I'm wandering around cyberspace and occasionally on the rounder lumpyer plane generally known as terra firma, which isn't a small planet, just something that my shoes trod on that didn't stick when I lifted my legs again.

I didn't adopt the name for any sci-fi, not so sci- or more -fi reason, it actually came from a realisation that I inhabit a place somewhat larger than my own back yard and which contains more weeds.

When I am not called EARTHDWELLER, and am not being called by a string of rude words, I go by the name of Andrew Burley, which is boring but is less likely to get me taken away by the men in white coats.

I couldn't hope to tell you all about myself here so you would be better visiting my website at" > , which isn't actually a commercial site but I wanted to grab the domain name for future use and didn't want to create one of those silly "coming eventually" type messages which 95% of domain names link to.

My own back yard is situated in the little town of Meltham which is at the northern tip of the Peak District National Park in England. It is actually in Yorkshire which is the most important county in England because this is where Yorkshire Pudding comes from, and no roast dinner is complete without Yorkshire Pudding. Most of the water for Huddersfield comes from the reservoirs around Meltham, which is a roundabout way of saying that it rains a lot here.

I have started a Meltham entry for the Guide, but you can do what most other people do and visit MELTHAM ON THE WEB which is the community and visitor information website which I created, and generally likes to be called" > or, when it is in a really friendly mood," > />
I am a generally cheerful inhabitant of planet Earth and you are welcome to email me at [email protected] as long as you don't send me spam because I don't like that. You can email me at millions of other email addresses if you like but people will email you back saying "who is EARTHDWELLER?", at which point you can do them the great service of telling them to visit this page and introducing them to the world of h2g2.

I haven't used any natty symbols yet so I will just mention that Yorkshire is the real home of ><> and chips - all others are immitations. ><> and chips are generally eaten without Yorkshire Pudding but that is not a rule.

Douglas Adams is a genius and I liked the TV series best. I even bought the double video. Does this sound like creeping? Could be. We even used to sneak a radio in to school so that we could listen to Hitch-hikers in the library.

I only just discovered the h2g2 project - another piece of science fiction begins to become science fact. So where are the Clangers? We must find them - blue string soup = solutions for a small planet...

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